Patrick Mahomes Reveals Failed Super Bowl Prank on Andy Reid

Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes

Getty Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes celebrate the AFC Championship win.

We were all robbed of an unforgettable moment when the Kansas City Chiefs’ team jet touched down in Arizona earlier this week.

NFL Network reporter James Palmer had the story on February 7, and the information came via an admission by quarterback Patrick Mahomes II. He tweeted: “Patrick Mahomes said he wanted to have the players wear fake mustaches getting off the plane this year for Andy Reid. But couldn’t get enough guys to get on board.”

Shoot! What a missed opportunity. Palmer agreed, adding jokingly that “we needed this to happen.”

Realistically, it’s probably for the best that teammates passed on this offer though. When it comes to the Super Bowl, it’s better to give off a serious and professional mentality. While hilarious and good-natured, a prank like that can easily come back to bite you if the Philadelphia Eagles end up winning on Sunday — even if the idea had positive intentions.

In the social media world, nothing is ever private or forgotten, so it’s safe to assume that this priceless mustachioed moment would have turned into some sort of hot topic debate among the talking heads of sports media. Are the Chiefs taking this game seriously? What message does this send? And on, and on.

Instead, us members of Chiefs Kingdom will have to chalk this one up as a what could have been. Thanks for the laugh, at least, Patrick.

Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes Is Very Serious About Titles, Chasing Tom Brady One Super Bowl at a Time

Despite the jokey stuff like this, you never have to worry about Mahomes’ desire to win — or his dedication and hard work when it comes to accomplishing his goals.

On that note, Cleveland Browns beat reporter Mary Kay Cabot asked Mahomes about eventually catching Tom Brady in Super Bowl titles, and he seemed to have a good grasp of the task at hand, as well as the magnitude of a feat like that.

“It’s going to be tough,” Mahomes replied candidly. “I mean, seven Super Bowl victories, 10 Super Bowls — there’s a reason that he’s so far ahead of everybody else.”

Mahomes is only 27 years old, but he’s already headed to his third NFL championship game despite just six seasons in the league. He will either leave Arizona with ring number two — five away from Brady — or the dreaded loss number two.

“It’s hard to do [what Brady has done],” Mahomes continued, adding that “I’ll do my best to chase it. I gotta start off with trying to win this one this week, so I just gotta focus on today and then tomorrow, until we get to Sunday, and let’s go out there and play our best ball then.”

Pressure and expectations will always come with being the face of the NFL. Brady was able to conquer that, now it’s Mahomes’ turn to show up and make the most of these opportunities.

Origins of Patrick Mahomes’ Mustache Tribute to Andy Reid

Although Mahomes never voiced it publicly, you have to figure that the prank idea stemmed from the viral State Farm commercial that included Big Red himself.

I mean, the Chiefs entire roster walking off the team jet with fake mustaches after an advertisement where Reid drew mustaches on sleeping players on the airplane? Whether it was subconscious or intentional, this had to be the clip that sparked the idea for Mahomes.

The mustache plan might have also been meant as an endearing tribute to Reid, who’s already an honorary figure at the 2023 Super Bowl due to his history in Philadelphia and Kansas City.

Whatever the reason, the silver lining of this story is the personal relationship between Reid and his players. Frank Clark recently opened up on the father figure bond he has with Big Red, and Mahomes appears to share a similar type of love for his head coach.

That’s a rare thing in this league, and it’s part of what makes Reid and the Chiefs so great.