Chiefs WR Calls Attention to Viral Clip of Patrick Mahomes Getting ‘Hit’

Patrick Mahomes

Getty Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II is helped up by a teammate vs the Houston Texans.

It feels like the Kansas City Chiefs and their fans are in a perennial battle with the NFL referees. December 19 showcased another example of that.

One day after a hard-fought victory over the Houston Texans, wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling took to Twitter to highlight a “hit” on Patrick Mahomes II. “Damn they hit my boy with a left hook,” MVS voiced. “In a actual football game.”

Chiefs WR Shares Video of Texans Punching Patrick Mahomes

The potential unnecessary roughness penalty came after a dump-off to the ball carrier out of the backfield — where No. 5 on the Texans (rookie DB Jalen Pitre) appeared to hammer his fist down on the facemask of Mahomes after the QB got the football away.

A fan shared the clip after another posted a second missed call against Houston. In that non-penalty, Texans wide receiver Phillip Dorsett shoves safety Juan Thornhill to the ground at the end of a route inside the red zone.

“Just absolutely egregious of Juan Thornhill,” the first fan wrote sarcastically. “I just can’t believe he would commit such a [terrible] foul and disgusting act.”

The reply was equally sarcastic, noting: “Thornhill needs to be more careful and comply with the rules like [No.] 5 does on this play.” In a separate tweet, the same account went viral with the same clip, stating: “I’m not one to b**** about officiating but this dude just literally punched Mahomes in the face.”

He’s right too, and on both occasions, the officiating crew completely disregards a clear and obvious flag but that’s nothing new for Chiefs Kingdom. Kansas City fans have voiced their displeasure with the referees for years and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

The goal should always be to call a fair game, but it’s even more disrespectful when an official misses a roughing flag on Mahomes. After all, this is the face of the NFL that we’re talking about and yet he’s getting the same treatment as a late-round rookie. An MVP candidate should be getting those calls, period.

Fans Call Out NFL Officials on Social Media

These two clips weren’t the only ones that KC fans were livid over on social media. Another called out the NFL Twitter account with a video of Mahomes getting slammed to the turf after picking up a fumbled football.

“@NFL. Is it or isn’t it a f****** roughing the passer penalty???” They questioned. “Such incredible bulls***. This is EXACTLY what happened to Tua [Tagovailoa].”

Some targeted the crew, rather than the league as a whole. After a deep dive on the Chiefs penalty calls in 2022, an observer tweeted: “21.9% of the Chiefs penalties have occurred in 14% of their games this season: the two games that were officiated by Carl Cheffers and his group. For two seasons in a row, Kansas City is the second most penalized team by Cheffers and his crew.”

Screenshot references were included by the fan. Of course, there was at least one more miss that was highlighted by Heavy on Chiefs’ very own Devon Clements.

“Here’s the 3rd & 4 play [where] Chiefs rookie RB Isiah Pacheco was calling for a facemask penalty on the Texans,” Clements detailed. The Houston player in question, defensive lineman Maliek Collins, is the same defender that just threw Mahomes to the ground above.

These aren’t just penalties, they’re repeat offenders, and the NFL is missing it all.