Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes Has Unexpected Admission on Ankle Injury

Patrick Mahomes

Getty Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II after the 2023 Super Bowl.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II was among those who addressed the media virtually on April 17 — along with head coach Andy Reid and linebacker Nick Bolton.

Within Mahomes’ session was the biggest piece of news, however. When asked about his ankle injury that occurred during the Divisional Round of the 2023 NFL Playoffs, the reigning MVP had a somewhat surprising response.

“Now, it’s been more about just kind of managing it, but getting the mobility back as best I possibly can,” Mahomes admitted. “I wouldn’t say I’m 100% but I’ve had no, necessarily, limitations.”

The Chiefs superstar also noted that his swelling only went down over the past few weeks.

Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes Provides More Detail on Ankle’s Recovery

We’ll provide the exact quotes from Mahomes below, so that readers can view them for themselves:

“When you go through the grind of the week of training, you’re trying to push it and go through the rehab process, but at the same time, you want to make sure you’re still building,” Mahomes explained. “You might be a little sore on the weekends, but I think we’ve done a great job of pushing it to the right limit to where now I’m throwing and stuff like that and having no limitations there. Running and cutting, there will still be a few limitations going for the next few weeks.”

He went on: “I felt like we improved, especially these last few weeks, a ton. As far as the swelling, it went down finally, and I don’t have that soreness as much as I was having it after just a few days of work. With the improvements that we’re making these last few weeks, I have a great feeling that by the time we get to training camp, it won’t even be any question at all. We’ll continue to work through it at OTAs, I don’t think there will be any limitations on reps or anything like that, especially if I’m not running around a ton. At the same time, we’ll make sure with the rehab process that by the time I get to training camp that I can just roll out there and feel perfectly fine.”

In the end, Mahomes did add that “I’m happy with where I’m at,” calming the nerves of fans. “We’ll keep pushing it and getting me to the right spot for the beginning of the season,” he concluded.

Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl Run Indicates Ankle Should Be No Cause for Concern

While this update wasn’t exactly ideal — and was maybe a tad too honest by Mahomes — it shouldn’t be cause for concern either. Mahomes made it through the entire Super Bowl run, defeating the NFC’s top team in the title game on the same ankle.

If he could do that, he should be fine by the time Week 1 rolls around in September.

The key — as this offseason program progresses — is that Mahomes suffers no setbacks. So far, it doesn’t appear that he has, besides maybe playing on it throughout the duration of the 2023 postseason.

That was necessary though, and if Mahomes cedes a few extra offseason reps to Shane Buechele and Chris Oladokun, so be it. The Chiefs need to figure out their backup quarterback heading into the new campaign anyway, and head coach Andy Reid should insist that Mahomes take rest days if he needs them throughout OTAs and training camp.