Patrick Mahomes Explains Viral Tirade After Chiefs Lose to Bills

Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes explains criticism of NFL referees after Kadarius Toney offside vs. Buffalo Bills.

Getty Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes explained his criticism of the NFL referees after the Kadarius Toney offside penalty vs. the Buffalo Bills in Week 14.

It’s rare that you hear both head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes II criticize the NFL officiating publicly following a Kansas City Chiefs outing, but that’s exactly what happened after a Kadarius Toney offside penalty helped the Buffalo Bills defeat KC in Week 14.

Video of Mahomes screaming at the sideline referee over the decision — shared by The 33rd Team insider Ari Meirov — circulated social media after the game.

“It [was the Toney] call,” Mahomes told reporters during his postgame press conference when asked about the viral tirade.

“Just in that moment… [To have] a flag change the outcome of the game in that moment,” he went on, explaining his frustration. “I’ve played seven years [and] never had offensive offsides called. That’s elementary school. You point to the ref [to make sure you’re onsides] and it doesn’t get called. And if it does, they warn you, and there was no warning throughout the entire game.”

As Arrowhead Pride media member Pete Sweeney pointed out after the loss, “Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid are as mad at the actual call as much as the ignored implicit norm to let Kadarius Toney know he was too far up.” In other words, the outright anger was more about the officials not giving a warning and taking the game into their own hands.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Voices That Refs Deciding Results Is ‘Not What We Want for Football’

Throughout the press conference, Mahomes was very clear about why he was upset about the last-minute flag in Week 14 — compared to his immediate acceptance of the defensive pass interference no-call in Week 13.

“No. The thing is, I’d rather [they] let us play,” Mahomes said in response to a question about Bills pass rusher Von Miller potentially being offsides earlier in the game.

“Let us play the game,” he continued. “And then whatever happens, happens. The whole throwing the flag and deciding the game one [way] or another, that’s what hurts me.”

“That’s why last week I didn’t say anything,” Mahomes added. “Cause [a non-call is] letting us play. Let us [players] go out there and win the game… That’s what you want as a competitor.”

The reigning NFL MVP also called the Toney penalty “tough,” noting that the wideout was “barely offsides” and “it didn’t affect the play at all.” The lack of an explanation by the referees he spoke with at the time appeared to anger Mahomes as well.

“Another game, we’re talking about the refs,” the superstar concluded. “It’s not what we want for the NFL. It’s not what we want for football.”

NFL Referee Carl Cheffers Backs Offside Penalty, Hinting Chiefs WR Kadarius Toney Never Looked at Official for Warning

Chiefs Digest reporter Matt Derrick spoke with NFL crew chief Carl Cheffers following the loss. To no surprise, he asked about the Toney offside call and the fact that no warning was given.

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport shared the transcript of Derrick and Cheffers’ conversation on X.

“It’s one of those things we don’t want to be overly technical on, but when in his alignment he’s lined up over the ball,” Cheffers informed. “That’s something that we are going to call as offensive offside.”

As for the lack of warning, Cheffers hinted that Toney never asked the down judge if he was onsides.

“Yes, ultimately, if they looked for alignment advice, certainly we are going to give it to them,” he stated. “But ultimately, they are responsible for wherever they line up. And, certainly, no warning is required, especially if they are lined up so far offsides where they’re actually blocking our view of the ball.”

“So, we would give them some sort of warning if it was anywhere close,” Cheffers clarified, “but this particular one is beyond a warning.”

Derrick later asked if Toney’s violation was considered “egregious” by the officiating crew. Cheffers replied, “correct,” confirming that it was.

The Chiefs are now 8-5 heading into a road matchup with the New England Patriots (3-10) in Week 15. The loss cut their AFC West lead to one game over the 7-6 Denver Broncos.