Kelce Bros Send Viral Message to Chiefs Superfan Turned Fugitive


Getty Former Kansas City Chiefs superfan ChiefsAholic in 2019.

In case you were unaware, former Kansas City Chiefs superfan Xaviar Babudar — otherwise known as “ChiefsAholic” — was arrested on Friday, December 16 in Tulsa County, Oklahoma.

Later, while facing two criminal felony counts — “robbery with a dangerous weapon” and “assault while masked or disguised” according to the Oklahoma State Courts Network [OSCN] — Babudar failed to appear in front of Judge Michelle Kelly on March 27. At this time, OSCN noted that a bench warrant was issued at a $1 million bond.

Elizabeth Merrill and David Purdum of ESPN confirmed that Babudar “has been missing since his ankle monitor was removed” the prior weekend. That’s where Jason and Travis Kelce come in.

The popular Kelce brothers currently host one of the hottest podcasts in the country, and older brother Jason Kelce sent a public inquiry to Babudar on March 31. It read: “Chiefsaholic, I don’t know where you are, but my brother and I would love to have you on @newheightshow to tell your story. We will go wherever, and disclose nothing for the sake of journalism.”

This tweet has since gone viral with over 15K likes and 2.3 million views.

Chiefs, NFL Fans React to Jason Kelce Tweet at ChiefsAholic

The Philadelphia Eagles star got his fair share of comments on this message too. One Philly fan wrote: “Please do not go to prison for fugitive harboring, Jason. We need you next year. 😂”

Another popular comment read: “An episode live from prison would be next level podcasting. Taking the name ‘New Heights’ to a different level. Respect.”

A Chiefs fan chimed in: “Please don’t. He held a gun to a bank teller. He does not deserve your platform.”

“Stop giving this guy fame, 👎🏻👎🏻” another agreed, while a third posted a jokey meme comparing this situation to the movie “Catch Me If You Can.”

A couple of others did not appreciate this invite from the Kelce brothers. “Tell his story?” One questioned. “Dude robbed banks and pointed a gun at innocent people while wearing a wolf mask that he wore to games. Why would you want him on your show for the sake of journalism Jason?”

On a similar note, another fan challenged: “Don’t make a hero out of a person who pointed a gun at another person’s head. Cmon, your better than that @JasonKelce.”

Jason Kelce did respond to this reply, voicing: “I appreciate this, I certainly would never make him a hero.”

Travis Kelce Expresses Sadness & ‘Hurt’ Over Mecole Hardman & Orlando Brown Jr. Departures

Speaking of the “New Heights” podcast, Travis Kelce talked about the Mecole Hardman and Orlando Brown Jr. departures on recent episodes of the show.

On the March 29 episode, Travis Kelce discussed Hardman heading to New York.

“I know the Chiefs have been making some moves and we lost a good guy,” he stated. “We lost a good guy, man. We lost one of the good guys. Mecole Hardman. My brother went over to the New York Jets. Mecole ‘The Jet’ Hardman is now playing for the Jets. He is who he plays for. One of the fastest guys in the league, my dog Mecole, man. It hurts to lose the good guys. I miss him already.”

The week before on March 22, the Chiefs superstar voiced a similar thought about Brown, except the rivalry with the Cincinnati Bengals made this loss more complicated.

“It hurts. It hurts my soul, man. Hurts my soul. It’s like watching your best friend just turn evil on you,” Travis Kelce said. “It’s tough man. Obviously, I mean, the past like two years we’ve struggled beating the Bengals. So, there’s been a lot of like build up in emotion of like, I would say, not necessarily hate but just like dislike towards the Bengals because they keep beating us, and they keep talking about it every time they do. So, it’s like, to see him go to the dark side man, it’s an awkward feeling. Obviously, I hope that he has an absolute Hall of Fame career. You know what I mean? I wish nothing but the best for [Brown]. He was an unbelievable leader. An unbelievable teammate on and off the field. We’ve got countless memories that I’ll cherish.”

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