Travis Kelce Drops Bold Statement on Brother Jason’s Rumored Retirement

Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce

Getty Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce (L) and his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, at Arrowhead Stadium on November 20, 2023.

Tight end Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs moved on to the Divisional round after defeating the Miami Dolphins last week. However, his older brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, didn’t get past the Wild Card round.

Following the Eagles’ 32-9 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the six-time All-Pro center told his teammates he was retiring. One day later, Jason refuted the report on the later episode of the Kelce brother’s “New Heights” podcast.

“I just don’t think you’re in a position after a game like that to really, you know, make that decision. I just don’t,” Jason said. “There’s too much emotion in the moment. There’s too much going down in the moment to really fully grasp that decision.”

Speaking to reporters ahead of the Chiefs’ showdown against the Buffalo Bills, Kelce was asked about his brother’s decision process. According to the All-Pro tight end, Jason likely isn’t ready to hang up his cleats just yet.

“It came that he retired, and he didn’t really say any of that,” Kelce said. “At the end of the game, I think everyone kind of felt for him knowing that he has been thinking about that a lot over the past couple of years.

“It’s been cool to see everyone appreciate who he’s been over the years this past week. But I think the big guy’s still got some years left if he wants it.”

Based on how emotional Jason was on the podcast, most fans assumed the veteran would soon announce he was not returning for what would be his 14th season in the NFL. However, if anyone has insight into what Jason is thinking, it’s his best friend and younger brother.

Travis Kelce Addressed His Own Retirement Rumors Before the Start of the Playoffs

Heading in the regular season finale, Kelce was 16 yards away from notching his eighth consecutive season with over 1,000 yards. However, Kelce was ultimately inactive for the matchup. Many assumed it was Chiefs head coach Andy Reid who made the final decision for him to rest. Not wanting to risk the superstar getting injured ahead of the playoffs was understandable.

However, Reid later revealed that sitting out was Kelce’s decision. Learning the typically ultra-competitive star was fine letting his historic streak come to an end left some fans worried that the 34-year-old was preparing to retire. The two-time Super Bowl champ is already expected to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer the first year he’s eligible.

Speaking to reporters on January 11, however, Kelce put that narrative to bed. He only thinks about retirement when asked about it.

“I have no reason to stop playing football. Man, I love it,” Kelce said. “We still have success. Come in with the right mindset. I just love the challenge that it gives me every day to try and be at my best. Like I said, I have no desire to stop anytime soon.”

As for what he’d do if he retired, “That’s the point of the offseason,” Kelce replied. “Being able to get out there and find what you really love to do. I’ve been fortunate to do a few things outside of the sports world that I enjoy doing. Like getting on camera, the ‘SNL’ stuff kinda opened up kind of opened a new happiness and a new career path for me.

“It’s funny for me to even said that at this point in my career, because it’s so much further down the road than it is right now.”

Travis Kelce Is Focused on Defeating the Bills in Buffalo

The Chiefs enter the AFC Divisional round as 2.5-point underdogs, mostly due to the fact the Bills have home field advantage. However, the Chiefs play well on the road.

“It’s not easy to go anywhere and get win in the NFL,” Kelce said. “But coach Reid does a great job of getting everything organized in that regard… It starts with team meetings, setting the tempo, how we’re going to attack them. And just the mind frame. The mindset we gotta have throughout the week to get some good work in.”

Kelce is also not stressed about the Bills Mafia crowd at Highmark Stadium. Even if they start throwing snowballs onto the field, Kelce is pumped for the challenge.

“It’s a hostile environment. It’s Bills Mafia, man! That’s their home field advantage. I’m sure the guys love playing for that fan base. I grew up in Cleveland. We were throwing beer bottles at people… there’s no way to stop it. You just play in the conditions you’re playing.”