Superstar QB Makes Joke About Joining the Raiders

josh mcdaniels derek carr

Getty Josh McDaniels with Derek Carr.

The Green Bay Packers have gotten hot in recent weeks but they still need a lot of help if they’re going to make the playoffs. They have been among the most disappointing teams in the NFL. It comes at a bad time with Aaron Rodgers’ future in question.

Rodgers just recently turned 39 and has hinted at retirement in recent years. With the Packers on a downward trajectory, the chances of him retiring could increase. He could also consider playing for a new team. Rodgers recently spent some time with Milwaukee Bucks forward Serge Ibaka for his “How Hungry Are You?” show. Ibaka pressed Rodgers about which team he would want to play for if he couldn’t play for the Packers.

“The Oakland Raiders,” Rodgers replied.

Ibaka accepted it as a real answer but the Oakland Raiders no longer exist as they became the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020. It was a clever way for Rodgers to answer the question. However, he was clearly trying to be funny and isn’t saying that he wants to play for the Raiders. That said, if Rodgers did want to change teams, the Raiders could make a lot of sense for him.

Why Rodgers Could Actually Want to Play for Raiders

At this point in his career, Rodgers is likely playing in Green Bay until he retires. He doesn’t have the desire to play as long as Tom Brady and learning an entirely new system can’t be appealing to him. However, he’s only won one Super Bowl and the Packers would need a big offseason for him to feel confident he could win another.

A recent report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal suggested that this could be Derek Carr’s last year as the Raiders’ quarterback. Rodgers hasn’t been shy about how much he loved playing with Davante Adams. If the Las Vegas job becomes open, Rodgers could be interested. It’s still a long shot and the Raiders might not want to do it but it would be an interesting situation to watch. There might not be a more appealing opening for the quarterback this offseason if he wants to move.

Are the Raiders Truly Done With Carr?

This was the year Carr was supposed to shut down his detractors once and for all. He finally got a star wide receiver in Adams and Josh McDaniels was considered one of the better playcallers in the NFL. Unfortunately, the season hasn’t gone according to plan. The Raiders are 6-8 and have had a few embarrassing losses this year.

Carr has played decently but not nearly to the level that many expected him to. His 61.2% completion percentage is the worst since his second year in the league. His 89.2 passer rating would be the third-worst in his career if it doesn’t improve. He’s still a top-15 quarterback but the Raiders may be losing patience trying to make it work. He’s had nine years as the starter and just two playoff appearances. It’s not fair to blame that on him but the Raiders might just want a fresh start. That said, it’s not a move they should consider making unless they have a good succession plan.

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