David Carr Lets Slip Which QB Davante Adams Wants Raiders to Add

davante adams

Getty Las Vegas Raiders WR Davante Adams.

There’s conflicting information on what the Las Vegas Raiders might do in the 2024 NFL Draft but there’s no denying the team needs to upgrade the quarterback position. Wide receiver Davante Adams is 31 and doesn’t want to waste a season with a stopgap quarterback.

He’s been vocal about the team’s quarterback position in the past and wanted them to add C.J. Stroud this year. According to NFL Network’s David Carr, Adams has another specific quarterback he’s eyeing this year.

“You gotta move up,” Carr said on the April 1 episode of “NFL Total Access. “You’re going to have to make something happen. So, he has a lot of trust in his front office in finding the right guy, and then also making the appropriate moves to get up there. But honestly, when you look at this thing, I really think that they’re going to have to get one a little bit higher than where they are. They’re going to have to identify who they want, what quarterback fits their system – obviously, we know who Davante [Adams] wants.”

“I think that that’s something you’re going to have to navigate also because he’s not a piece that you can move. That would be kind of ironic; you trade Davante to bring in Jayden Daniels, who he wants. I think that’s going to be really fun to see how this thing plays out.”

Adams is very close with the Carr family as he was a teammate of David’s brother Derek Carr at Fresno State and on the Raiders. The wide receiver has also hinted at interest in Daniels in the past so this information from Carr isn’t a big surprise.

Less & Less Likely Las Vegas Raiders Will Get Jayden Daniels

As bad as Davante Adams might want Jayden Daniels, it’s not likely to happen. It’s looking more and more like the Washington Commanders at No. 2 are locked in on the quarterback.

Caleb Williams will be the Chicago Bears‘ pick at No. 1 so there won’t be any surprises for Washington. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, it might just be a matter of when, not if Daniels will be the Commanders’ selection at No. 2.

“I think you can go and get those Jayden Daniels jerseys,” Schefter told Commanders fans on the April 12 episode of the “The Trap or Dive Podcast.”

Schefter is one of the most connected reporters in the NFL so unless there’s a change in the next couple of weeks, Daniels is going to be a Commander.

What Do Las Vegas Raiders Do if Jayden Daniels Isn’t an Option?

The Raiders have been heavily connected to Jayden Daniels due to his previous experience with head coach Antonio Pierce. There hasn’t been much of an indication about which quarterbacks the team likes outside of Daniels.

Daniels going at No. 2 would open up the possibility that Drake Maye could be available. He has long been considered the second-best quarterback prospect in the draft but Daniels appears to have leapfrogged him. It’s unclear if the Raiders would want to trade up to get him. The team could also stay put with their No. 13 pick and take Washington’s Michel Penix Jr. They may also be able to get him if they trade down. The Raiders don’t have many appealing options considering their draft position.

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