Raiders OC Luke Getsy Sends Strong Message on Justin Fields

luke getsy justin fields

Getty Luke Getsy with Justin Fields.

One of the popular quarterbacks linked to the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason has been Justin Fields. The Chicago Bears quarterback is likely on the move after the team got the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The Raiders hired his former offensive coordinator Luke Getsy to the same position but considering the two didn’t have much success in Chicago, it’s unclear if that helps or hurts Fields’ chances of coming to Las Vegas. Regardless, Getsy is a big fan of the quarterback and had some major praise for him.

“He’s one of the best human beings I’ve ever gotten to work with,” Getsy said of Fields during his February 16 introductory press conference. “It’s just the mentality that he brought every day, that consistent approach, the kind of man that he is. Just really, it was a blessing to work with him. And he was someone that just came to work every day to get better and better, and I think he’ll continue to do so.”

That certainly sounds like a coach who wouldn’t mind working with Fields again but the Raiders may not even have much interest in making that happen. It is a situation to keep an eye on but it’s seeming more likely the team will try to draft a quarterback early.

Luke Getsy Reveals What He Wants From Offense

While the Bears’ offense as a whole in the last two seasons under Luke Getsy was one of the worst in the NFL as a whole, the team was top-two in rushing in each of those seasons. Getsy is still new to the team so he’s got a lot of work to do to understand his personnel but he wants to tailor his scheme to his players.

“You always have to play into the players that you have, and your best players have to be the ones shining on Sunday,” Getsy said. “And so, it’s always about finding what everybody does best, and finding cool and unique ways to emphasize that every week.”

Head coach Antonio Pierce hasn’t minced words about the fact that he wants the Raiders to be physical. Getsy agrees.

“That’s going to be evident,” Getsy said. “I use that phrase, as an offense we want everyone to feel our film, we don’t just want them to see it, and that’s going to be a big part of it. I think that’s where A.P. and I really hit it off.”

Luke Getsy Praises Aidan O’Connell

Though the Raiders are expected to be aggressive in adding a quarterback this offseason, Aidan O’Connell started 10 games for the team last season and improved as the year went on. Luke Getsy hasn’t started to work with O’Connell yet but he’s already impressed.

“Without even knowing him or talking to him about anything yet, I could tell you right now that guy has got to be someone that prepares his butt off and is a great teammate,” Getsy said. “I mean, for the guys to rally around him the way that I saw from the outside looking in, and for him to go perform in the way that he did in the end of that season, that just speaks volumes. So, I’m excited to get to know him, excited to work with him for sure.”

O’Connell will likely compete for the starting quarterback job next season but he’s got an uphill battle if the Raiders add talent to the position group.

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