Maxx Crosby Gives Davante Adams & Derek Carr Wild Custom Gifts for Christmas

maxx crosby davante adams

Getty Maxx Crosby hugging Davante Adams.

It’s that time of year when players can show appreciation to each other in the form of gifts. This season hasn’t gone according to plan for the Las Vegas Raiders but they’ve remained a tight-knit group despite the struggles. Defensive end Maxx Crosby got handed a $94 million contract extension in the offseason and based on how he’s played this year, it won’t be the last huge contract he gets before he retires.

With that in mind, he has no problem spending some of that money on his teammates, specifically Derek Carr and Davante Adams. ZoFrost & Co. shared on social media the blinged-out ring that Crosby got Adams. They then went over to Carr who received a flashy necklace that had his initials “DC.”

Both Adams and Carr seemed blown away by the gifts as the quarterback wanted to wear his necklace immediately. Adams and Carr also got big contracts in the offseason so they’ll have to get Crosby something nice, as well. It remains to be seen how their presents will stack up with what the defensive end got them.

Crosby Excited for Cold Weather Game

The Raiders are about to have a very cold Christmas Eve. The team is in Pittsburgh to face the Steelers and the temperature is expected to be 10 degrees at kickoff. It will easily be the coldest regular season game the team plays this year. Las Vegas is known for a lot of things but cold weather isn’t one of them.

While warm-weather teams typically struggle in cold-weather games, Crosby isn’t worried about it. He thinks this weather is perfect for a Raiders-Steelers matchup.

“The Raiders and Steelers playing in the cold. It doesn’t get any better than that,” Crosby said Wednesday.

Crosby doesn’t mind the cold. When the Raiders arrived in Pittsburgh, he was wearing a t-shirt as the team walked into -4 degree weather.

McDaniels Talks Playing in Cold Weather

Many of the Raiders players and coaches are accustomed to playing in the cold weather so Saturday’s game won’t be too big of an adjustment. Head coach Josh McDaniels has spent almost his entire NFL career coaching in cold weather. He’s not overly concerned with it.

“Whether it’s temperature, wind, snow, rain — whatever it is. I mean look, we have no control over the weather. We’re not playing the weather, we’re playing the Steelers,” McDaniels said Wednesday. “Our preparation is going to be solely focused on them. If something in the weather would dictate — 50-mph winds or something like that — obviously you need to be ready to adjust accordingly. And there’s a lot of things that would go into that, but clearly when you play in these kinds of games you have to be ready to do it.”

McDaniels doesn’t want to make any excuses for the team as they head to rough conditions.

“To me, this is football, and I think part of this is just handling the conditions, being able to play in the conditions, being able to think in the conditions,” McDaniels said. “Certainly, when you have wind and elements that could contribute to situational plays, the kicking game obviously gets affected first, so there’s a lot of decision-making that goes into it.

“I enjoy the challenge of handling those things and competing in them, but you’ve certainly got to do them right.”

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