Maxx Crosby Shows Wild Photo of Knee Injury: ‘I Felt Like I Was Dying’

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Getty Maxx Crosby hugging Patrick Mahomes.

Maxx Crosby has yet to miss a game throughout his NFL career but that streak was at risk in Week 12 with the Las Vegas Raiders hosting the Kansas City Chiefs. He missed practice all last week due to a knee injury and was listed as doubtful before the game.

Against all odds, Crosby was able to play. However, things were looking grim earlier in the week. The star defensive end shared more details on the injury and just how serious things got.

“It was blowing up like a balloon,” Crosby said in a November 27 clip posted on X from  “The Rush with Maxx Crosby” podcast. “I woke up the next morning and almost passed out. I felt like I was dying. I was literally bed-ridden. I couldn’t move.”

Crosby even revealed a photo of how swollen his left knee was during the week.

Crosby also revealed that there were potential serious risks if he didn’t seek medical attention.

“They said that can be dangerous and that I had to go to the hospital,” he said.

His knee was clearly hurt and he was able to take some time away from practice to get it fixed. He ended up playing in 82% of the Raiders’ defensive snaps against the Chiefs and notched a sack on quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Maxx Crosby Didn’t Want to Miss Game

With the Raiders now in a bye week, Maxx Crosby could’ve taken Week 12 and given himself two full weeks to recover. However, the team had a massive game at home against the Chiefs and he’s one of their most important players. He wasn’t going to take such an important game off.

“I trained all year round to do this, give myself the opportunity to play 17 guaranteed games and if I can go, I’m going to go,” Crosby said during his November 26 postgame media availability. “You put everything into it. I played my a** off and everybody was out there playing their a** off. So, I just wanted to give our team a chance and … I didn’t want come off [the field]. It’s as simple as that.”

Crosby clearly wasn’t 100% and did have to take some snaps off. Prior to the Chiefs games, he played 100% of the team’s defensive snaps in four straight games. The Raiders ended up losing 31-17 but Crosby’s efforts certainly made him stand out even more than he already has.

“I had to go through all these requirements and show them I could do anything,” Crosby said. “I told them I would do anything I can. I want to play.”

Will Maxx Crosby Play After the Bye Week?

If Maxx Crosby was able to play against the Chiefs despite all of the swelling in his knee, it’s hard to imagine it’ll keep him out after the bye week. The Raiders have a pivotal home game against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 14 and can’t afford to lose if they want any chance at the playoffs.

Crosby’s status will be something to keep an eye on. Though he’s as tough as they come, he’s clearly not indestructible. The Raiders may need to even consider shutting him down for the season if they lose another game or two. For now, it’s likely that he’ll keep playing as long as the team is still in the playoff hunt.

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