Raiders’ True Opinion on Michael Penix Jr. Leaked to Media

michael penix jr

Getty Former Washington QB Michael Penix Jr.

The 2024 NFL Draft is closing in and the Las Vegas Raiders continue to be linked to quarterbacks. While it appears the team is most interested in LSU’s Jayden Daniels, they may not be able to trade up far enough to add him.

The next most likely option could be Washington’s Michael Penix Jr. He’s frequently been the selection of the Raiders in mock drafts but it’s difficult to know if the team is willing to use a first-round pick on him. ESPN’s Matt Miller is hearing that the team’s interest in Penix is real and is considering using their No. 13 pick on him.

“One constant I keep hearing from people I trust is that the Raiders really do like Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr. and could select him at No. 13 overall,” Miller wrote in an April 19 column. “That would qualify as a surprise, despite the fact that Penix is a beautiful thrower from the pocket and has the best overall arm strength in this class. His medical history — four straight season-ending injuries while at Indiana — and his lack of mobility are concerns enough that he is ranked No. 40 on my board and is generally seen as a Day 2 prospect, but the buzz here is starting to heat up connecting the Raiders to him in Round 1. Las Vegas signed Gardner Minshew, but this team was 26th in QBR last season (40.1) and needs a long-term solution.”

Is Michael Penix Jr. A Reach at No. 13?

As Matt Miller noted, Michael Penix Jr. is a Day 2 prospect on many draft boards. Now, quarterback is such a valuable position that taking Penix at No. 13 wouldn’t be an egregious reach but it’d be a reach nonetheless. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of first-round interest in Penix around the league outside of the Raiders.

That could just mean that teams are being quiet but it could also mean that Penix is going to fall to the second round. If he’s the quarterback the Raiders want, they have a very tough decision ahead of them. With the No. 13 pick, the team could get an elite right tackle prospect to protect Penix’s blindside.

That scenario could end with the Raiders not getting Penix at all though. The team could make a trade for a pick alter in the first round. Nobody will fault the team for taking Penix late in the first round. That would be the ideal scenario for Las Vegas.

What About Jayden Daniels?

The quarterback the Raiders really want is Jayden Daniels due to his ties to head coach Antonio Pierce. Most signs point to him going No. 2 to the Washington Commanders. If they’ve decided they’re taking Daniels, there’s nothing the Raiders can do to get him unless hope that the quarterback refuses to play for them.

That’s unlikely so the Raiders may need to consider their other options like Michael Penix Jr. It’s possible the team will make a push in the next week before the draft to move up and get Daniels but that will prove costly. It’s looking like Penix has the best shot of getting drafted by the Raiders for right now.

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