Rams’ Jalen Ramsey Breaks Silence on Pending L.A. Future

Jalen Ramsey

Getty Jalen Ramsey returns an interception on January 8, 2023 in Seattle.

The rumblings involving Jalen Ramsey and his questionable future with the Los Angeles Rams finally sparked a reaction from the All-Pro cornerback on Thursday evening, February 16.

And Ramsey broke his silence by responding to a poll tweet.

Bleacher Report, which released a Wednesday, February 15 article by Brad Gagnon mentioning six potential suitors for Ramsey if he were to be cut, then shared a graphic on their B/R Gridiron account asking the same question of which teams fans see Ramsey landing with.

Ramsey not only responded once, but amended his reaction directed toward B/R that was captured by Rams Wire on USA Today. In one response, Ramsey posted to B/R:

“I can PROMISE you, I won’t get cut…now trade? Maybe lol,” Ramsey posted.

Then came an edited version directed to the account with Ramsey taking down the trade part but still stating how “100% chance I WON’T get cut.”

He then ended his night blasting what he called “misinformation.”

“This misinformation people run with is hilarious…” he said while adding “Y’all tap into that Word of God though. That’s real.”

Long story short, Ramsey denies the Rams will release him from his contract. He’s still got three seasons left on his deal which includes his base salary going to $17 million in 2023 per Spotrac.

However, there’s still smoke signals coming from the “Rams House” about Ramsey possibly being moved. And that includes some words from a prominent Rams executive.

COO of the Rams Isn’t Ruling Out Trade

Before Ramsey’s tweet responses went out, Rams Chief Operating Officer (COO) Kevin Demoff spoke with Bridget Condon of the NFL Network about Ramsey’s pending future with the franchise he won his first Super Bowl with.

“I think anytime you go from Super Bowl champions to a disappointing year, everybody’s always wondering what’s next,” Demoff told the NFL Network. “For us, it’s getting our players healthy, it’s getting back to playing at the caliber. Jalen’s been a huge piece of what we’ve done and I think for all of our players it’s going to be about figuring out what’s best moving forward.”

Demoff, though, then shared this curveball: He says other NFL teams ask about the top players on the Rams

“But when you are a team like the Rams who’s had success, we have a lot of great players, people are always inquiring about our talent and it’s not just Jalen,” he continued. “We get calls on all of our good players all the time. The next few months, we’ll see what direction this team goes.

Demoff ended with “but could not be more grateful for Jalen for what he’s done for the Rams leading this defense.”

This sounds like Demoff and the Rams’ brass are listening to calls involving Ramsey.

Cap Hit Involving Ramsey

Say the Rams do indeed part ways with Ramsey via trade. The team only clears up $5.6 million in cap space if he’s dealt before June 1. However, the Rams save $17 million if he’s swapped with another team after June 1 — because that team would have to take on his salary.

There’s still the belief the Rams are better off keeping Ramsey by fans and media. Not only has Ramsey been a pillar for the Rams’ defense, but is a team captain and is one of the older members of a younger secondary.

The Rams, though, traded beloved team captain Robert Woods one year ago which left many Ram fans stunned. All the more reason why a lot can still happen once teams can make trades during the upcoming free agency cycle.

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