Latest Instagram Comment Involving Odell Beckham Stirs More Intrigue

Odell Beckham

Getty Odell Beckham warms up before Super Bowl 56 on February 13, 2022.

It was just a two-worded comment. However, it was Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl champion and free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham who hit “send” on the Instagram page involving one rising superstar in the NFL.

And that comment is the latest to stir more intrigue involving the still unsigned Pro Bowl wideout — with the team Beckham and the Rams defeated on February 13, 2022 the Cincinnati Bengals now lured into the latest IG angle from OBJ.

Pro Bowl quarterback Joe Burrow took to his personal Instagram on Monday, June 13 to tell his followers and fans “My spidey sense is starting to tingle a little bit” while sharing a photo of himself leading the Cincy offense during a practice.

Well, Beckham was the quickest to respond — posting “The one” under Burrow’s caption and being the first to respond. And out came the online responses under OBJ’s comment.

Fans Now Trying to Recruit OBJ

With the comment, members of “Who Dey” have since filled Beckham’s own Instagram mentions.

“Cincy would love you my guy,” was what fan @treyhuntt shared to Beckham under OBJ’s comment to Burrow.

“See you in Cincy,” was posted by a fan identified as @egan_8 on the social media site.

“If you join the Bengals, Super Bowl champs again,” was what fan @jbuggs_ shared to OBJ.

Numerous other fans left “Who Dey” under Beckham’s comment while also doing their part to persuade Beckham to head to Cincy.

Another fan brought up the college alma mater angle to Beckham, telling him “Come join your LSU brothers.”

The Bengals have become beloved among the “Geaux Tigers” nation for taking in past LSU talent. After all, the last two high draft picks to ignite the franchise were Burrow (No. 1 overall pick in 2020 NFL Draft) and Ja’Marr Chase (fifth overall pick in the 2021 draft). Both LSU icons became key catalysts behind the Bengals’ stunning run to the Super Bowl.

However, even with Beckham still on the free agent market and with the LSU representation in Cincy, Bengals Wire analyst Chris Roling is a believer that Beckham doesn’t provide a need to what’s already a loaded Bengals receiving unit that also features young fast riser Tee Higgins and veteran Tyler Boyd.

“The Bengals don’t need Beckham, given the strength of their wideout corps,” Roling wrote. “But it is admittedly pretty fun to think about, never mind the fact it’s cool big-name veterans could view Cincinnati as a destination to get a ring.”

NFL Analyst Calls for Another AFC Team to Look Into Beckham

While Bengal fans have become enamored with the idea of Beckham joining the other Super Bowl representative, one NFL analyst believes OBJ would be a better fit elsewhere — and for a team known for taking polarizing wideouts.

Kyle Brandt of the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football offered this suggestion on the morning of Tuesday, June 14: Beckham to the New England Patriots.

“If no one else is going to say it, I’ll say it: send him to New England, ‘The Land of Misfit Toys’ of wide receivers,” Brandt said. “Are the Patriots going to just sit by and be like, ‘You know what, oh well. I guess the [Buffalo] Bills own the AFC East. We’ll just sit here and hope for a wild card. Oh, I guess the [Miami] Dolphins just going to come and blow everybody’s doors off because ‘Good Morning, Football!’ talks about them every morning, noon, and night. No! The Patriots are going to arm up. Go get this guy. He would explode. Go give him to Mac Jones. Go take this thing.”

Past polarizing/star wideout talents who made a brief stop in Foxboro: Randy Moss, Chad Johnson and Antonio Brown.

Rams Exec Responds to OBJ Talk

Beckham’s name continues to float around as possibilities for other teams. But the Rams are sounding like they’re not ready to give up on the receiver they claimed off waivers following the 2021 NFL trade deadline.

Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff spoke with The Athletic’s Jourdan Rodrigue about OBJ’s pending future on Monday. Demoff is optimistic Beckham will remain a California resident.

“If we didn’t have a salary cap, we could’ve signed Odell months ago and would’ve loved to,” Demoff told Rodrigue. “Is it a multi-year deal, is it a one-year deal? All kinds of variables that come into Odell. The one variable that hasn’t changed is how much we love him and want him to be there. I think he’s expressed, over social, his desire to be here. Am I optimistic we can get a deal done over time? Yes.”

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