Ex-Dolphins First Rounder Viewed as Backup QB ‘Fit’ for Jordan Love, Packers

Ex-Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill called free agency fit for Packers.

Getty Former Miami Dolphins starter Ryan Tannehill was labeled a smart backup option for Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love (pictured above).

Former Miami Dolphins first-round quarterback and long-time starter Ryan Tannehill is still available in free agency, and a football analyst suggested a potential landing spot for the veteran signal-caller ahead of the NFL draft.

“The backup quarterback market was the quickest and most active throughout the first stages of free agency,” relayed NFL writer Dan Pizzuta of The 33rd Team. “That left the soon-to-be 36-year-old Ryan Tannehill waiting for a spot, as many teams tried to get younger at the position.”

“Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers might be a little too young at quarterback with Sean Clifford as Jordan Love’s primary backup,” Pizzuta continued, explaining why Tannehill makes sense with the “Cheeseheads.”

“[Packers head coach] Matt LaFleur and Tannehill didn’t overlap in Tennessee — Tannehill went to the [Tennessee] Titans the year LaFleur took over in Green Bay — but many of the same offensive principles remained,” he noted. “Tannehill resurrected his career by mastering the under-center play-action and in-breaking routes favored by LaFleur and that tree of offensive coaches.”

This connection creates a scenario where Tannehill would likely be learning a similar playbook from his last starting gig with the Titans. Being that his offensive coaches in Tennessee were the understudies of LaFleur.

“Tannehill would at least give Green Bay a competent backup, which is something a team — such as the Packers, who will view themselves as legitimate top-tier competitors — need, even if Tannehill exceeds the Packers’ age limit on the roster,” Pizzuta concluded.

Ex-Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill Became Consistent Winner With Titans

Tannehill wasn’t horrible with the Dolphins — he was just average in a division dominated by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

By the end of his run with the franchise, the former No. 8 overall selection finished just under .500 at 42-46-0. He did not appear in any playoff games, despite the team making the postseason once after Tannehill suffered an injury.

His passer rating with Miami was an 87.0, with 232.2 passing yards per game and a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 123-to-75.

Tannehill was more efficient with the Titans, but one could argue that he only played better due to the pieces around him. The veteran QB actually threw for less yardage per game in Tennessee (215.6), but had a higher TD%, passer rating (97.8) and win percentage.

In other words, Tannehill was asked to do less, and it translated into victories.

With the Titans, the long-time NFL quarterback was voted to his first and only Pro Bowl. He also went to the playoffs in three separate seasons, appearing in one AFC championship. Tannehill’s overall record in Tennessee was 39-24-0 during the regular season and 2-3 in the playoffs.

2024 Free Agency Cycle Confirms Ryan Tannehill’s Starting Days Are Over

Tannehill has put together a solid NFL career, but this free agency cycle proved something most NFL observers expected — his starting days are over.

With no QB1 offers coming in from other teams and 2023 draft pick Will Levis taking over in Tennessee, Tannehill will be forced to either sign on as a veteran backup or retire. As far as QB2 jobs go, Green Bay could be a pretty nice opportunity.

Love showed that he has what it takes to be a franchise quarterback in 2023, but his track record as far as health and availability have yet to be determined. The Packers offense is also loaded with young talent, and Green Bay is known to be a well-coached team that produces offensive linemen like clockwork.

Tannehill could do far worse, assuming he wants to keep playing.