Insider Sets Timeline for Vikings’ Contract Talks With Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

Getty Kirk Cousins #8 of the Minnesota Vikings.

Things have been relatively quiet with the Minnesota Vikings’ contract talks with Kirk Cousins.

That could all change in just a few days. Team officials will convene in Indianapolis for the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine, which starts on February 26.

“They’ll initiate talks around the NFL Scouting Combine next week,” ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said on SportsCenter, per Bleacher Report’s Tyler Conway on February 25. “He’s always gotten his guaranteed money. Are the Vikings and the new regime willing to do that on a long-term or even short-term deal? They have to decide that in the next few weeks.”

This comes on the heels of a report from Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer that the Vikings had already made contact with Cousins’ camp. Breer’s report did not mention anything about negotiations being a part of that contract though.

“The Vikings did touch base with Cousins’ camp last week, as they got their pre-combine meetings going, so the lines of communication are open,” Breer wrote on February 19.

Breer also suggested that more clarity such as this could come the week of the combine.

What is ominous, though, especially in light of Fowler’s rhetorical questions, is that Breer’s report suggested that Cousins and the Vikings could very well be at odds over the guarantees in Cousins’ next contract.

Guaranteed Money Could Hold Up Vikings’ Contract Talks With Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

GettyKirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings.

“The current Minnesota brass, now going into its third season, really likes Cousins, but it’s also been made clear that they’re not going to go contractually where the previous regime did twice, and give Cousins a fully guaranteed deal,” Breer wrote. “Absent that, Cousins is now in position to hit the market like he did six years ago, this time older and, of course, more injured.”

Achilles injury or not, Cousins figures to be a hot commodity if he hits free agency. He projects to be the top quarterback on the market.

That is if he makes it to the open market.

“He will certainly have a job, no doubt about it. People felt like he was throwing the ball better than he really ever had last year before he got hurt,” Fowler said. “The Vikings, the feeling is they do want to re-sign him. They’re certainly open to talks.”

Cousins has likewise said that he wants to return to Minnesota. He has also noted that he was anxious to know what was going to happen.

He also said that he expected talks would begin around this time.

Cousins is on the books for $28.5 million next season if the Vikings fail to extend his current one-year, $35 million contract. That contract expires on March 13, giving the Vikings just over two weeks to find common ground.

They might not be able to afford to wait even that long, though. The NFL’s early negotiation window begins 48 hours before the official start of free agency.

Kirk Cousins Cautious of Achilles Injury in Home Clip

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

GettyKirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings.

Clips of Cousins dancing during the NFL Honors ceremony on February 8 went viral. They seemed to suggest Cousins’ recovery was on track as he previously indicated. A new clip of Cousins playing with his children shows the four-time Pro Bowler is still being cautious.

As the two youngsters climb on their father’s back to wrestle, one steps on the surgically repaired tendon.

“Don’t stand on my Achilles, please,” Cousins responded in the video shared to Instagram.

Cousins has spoken optimistically about his playing career after the injury. He has also cited numerous athletes and various other public figures and personal acquaintances who have gone on to live very normal lives following the procedure.

Still, this is a humbling reminder that he is still on the mend. There was a time when Achilles injuries were career-enders.