Kirk Cousins Puts Anti-Vikings Pundits on Notice: ‘You’re Going to Come Around’

Kirk Cousins

Getty The Vikings are not expected to offer Cousins a one-year contract extension in the 2023 offseason, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is coming out of his shell as the franchise moves on from the culture that wore players thin toward the end of the Spielman-Zimmer era.

Zimmer was known to prod players on how they should speak to the media and in press conferences, which in the final years of his tenure was felt, especially by Kirk Cousins.

The past two seasons, Cousins appeared at the press podium placid and often milquetoast.

But under first-year coach Kevin O’Connell, Cousins’ personality, with all its quirks, has surfaced as the team has been given a breath of new life under the 37-year-old coach.

Cousins is undoubtedly more candid in his interviews and is coming off one of his best national media appearances yet.

Kirk Cousins Wins Over Pardon My Take Cast

Appearing on the second-most listened-to sports podcast in the country on Apple Podcasts, Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take, Cousins joined host Dan “Big Cat” Katz, who is a Chicago Bears fan and Vikings detractor.

In a segment called “One Question With a Quarterback,” Katz tried to dig at Cousins for “killing” the Griddy (in a bad way) after the veteran quarterback attempted the sensational celebration during Minnesota’s nationally televised London game against the New Orleans Saints.

Co-host Henry Lockwood, attempting to be a “jerk” to Cousins as well, tried making him uncomfortable by asking how much money he has.

“I got plenty,” Cousins replied with a laugh, shaking off an often taboo subject with ease.

With his question for the show’s hosts, Cousins addressed the show’s distaste for Minnesota.

Cousins: “I know both you guys don’t love the Vikings. I know you guys don’t like the Vikings. … My question is: Who is your all-time favorite Vikings player?”

Lockwood took a shot at Cousins, calling him a “systems quarterback” and saying his favorite Vikings player, C.J. Ham, covers up for his quarterback’s shortcomings. Katz spitefully picked Blair Walsh as his favorite Vikings player.

Finally, asked “You like that?” by intern Jake Marsh, Cousins confessed to the fun he was having on the show.

“I do like that. I’m liking this interview. I’ve never been asked in an interview how much money I have and I think that’s just tremendous,” Cousins replied.

And in thanking Cousins for being on the show, Lockwood came clean about his feelings toward Cousins.

“I hate how much I like you. I can’t stand how nice you are,” Lockwood said.

Cousins then went in for the kill.

“You’re going to come around on me. It’s going to take time,” Cousins said. I might have to play a few more years… Some day I’m going to retire and you guys are going to be sad about it.”

“Yeah, actually that’s true,” Katz replied. That’s a fact because half of our jokes are gone.

“It’s like a sick joke that I had to watch you beat the Bears and then I have to see your smiling face on Monday morning,” Katz said in closing. “So that’s that. See ya, Kirk.”

Adam Thielen Speaks on Change in Kirk Cousins

The Pardon My Take crew may be just coming around to Cousins, however, his teammates are well-aware of Cousins’ more candid side.

“Yeah, it’s hard to explain. When he’s locked in, he’s locked in. And he’s a serious guy and he works his tail off and he takes his game seriously because he knows how important his job is,” Adam Thielen said on an October 14 airing of  Good Morning Football.

“But when we can open him up a bit and get that personality out of him, he’s one of the most fun people to be around. He’s a different guy when you can just get that true personality out of him,” Thielen said, addressing the video of Cousins wearing Christian Darrisaw’s chain. “As you see in that video, guys love being around him. When he’s able to relax and have fun, that’s the best Kirk.”

While there’s a new side to Cousins that NFL fans are starting to see, Thielen says he remains the same guy in the building — a consistency the team hopes to capture on the field after their Week 7 bye.

“We’re excited about what we can do moving forward. The great thing about Kirk: no matter what people say about him, no matter what’s happening, he’s the same guy every single day. He’s going to prepare his butt off, he’s going to be the most prepared person in the entire NFL every single week,” Thielen said. “When you feel that and you see that as teammates, it gives you certain confidence that I’m going to do my job, and he’s got us taken care of and he’s going to lead us.”

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