Kyler Murray Claps Back at Patrick Peterson After Vikings Star Calls Him Selfish

Kyler Murray and Patrick Peterson

Getty Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray fired back at Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson after he called Murray selfish on his podcast.

Kyler Murray didn’t stand for his former teammate Patrick Peterson calling him out publicly, prompting the Arizona Cardinals star to pull the “big bro” card.

Peterson, who spent a decade with the Cardinals before landing with the Minnesota Vikings, assessed what’s become a toxic situation within his former organization. The Cardinals expected to be playoff contenders but sit at 4-8 amid season-long tension between Murray and head coach Kliff Kingsbury. That tension surfaced again after Murray blamed the offensive scheme for an interception on fourth-and-1 in an eventual one-point loss to the Los Angeles Chargers last Sunday.

Appearing on the All Things Covered podcast on November 30, Peterson said Kingsbury will be the scapegoat for the Cardinals while Murray will get off scot-free with the distance he’s created from his head coach.

“Kyler Murray don’t care about nobody but Kyler Murray, that’s just a matter of the fact,” Peterson said.

It didn’t take long for Murray to catch word of Peterson’s damning statement about him, leading to a Twitter testimonial that put Peterson’s character in question as well.

Kyler Murray Fires Back at Patrick Peterson: ‘You on Some Weird S***’

Hours after Peterson’s words went live, Murray retweeted a photo of the quote with a strong response.

“This isn’t true,” Murray tweeted in response to Peterson calling him selfish. “You on some weird s*** @p2 [Peterson’s Twitter handle] you got my number, if you really felt like this as a ‘big bro’ or ‘mentor’ you supposed to call me and tell me, not drag me so your podcast can grow.”

Peterson has kept a predominantly sterling reputation in the league, however, his animosity toward several Cardinals leaders has surfaced this season. He also called out Arizona general manager Steve Keim on his podcast after the Vikings defeated the Cardinals 34-26 in Week 8.

That’s led some Arizona fans to join Murray in his rebuttal.

 Cardinals Fans Call out Patrick Peterson

In response to Murray’s tweet, one fan posted a photo of Peterson and Murray meeting before their Week 8 matchup and sharing an embrace.

“@p2 on that fake love,” the fan replied.

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Other fans chimed in, and while Peterson’s tone didn’t reflect any serious malice, it came off as “disrespectful” to many fans. One fan made the point that if the two stars are still close, this type of conversations shouldn’t have been aired out so carelessly in public, especially on Peterson’s own podcast.

“Of course he meant it as disrespect,” one fan tweeted. “How’s anyone supposed to take that comment in a team sport? It’s the equivalent of saying ‘no disrespect but’ followed up by some disrespectful s***. If they’re friends he should have called him in private.”

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However, another fan found that Murray doesn’t deserve any grace after he’s called out Kingsbury and the teams’ failures.

“Lol some weird s*** to call out your coaching staff for schematically screwing the team when you just didn’t perform well but YOU did that,” the fan responded. “P2 said what eh said.. And he was right. Prove otherwise and people will stop talking s***. Until then, a spade is a spade..”

A bit of a red herring, one fan took the chance to jab at Murray’s gaming career which came in question after a clause in his contract requiring film study.

And although Murray asked for grace from Peterson, he hasn’t seemed to spare any for those around him.

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