Cam Newton Explains Why He Was Released

Getty Cam Newton

The video many have been waiting for dropped on Friday.

Former New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton shared his perspective on why he was released. He didn’t whine, cry or point fingers. He didn’t throw Mac Jones under the bus.

He gave what most would consider a coherent and believable explanation for his release. Though we’re talking about Newton, so there will always be critics.

Take a look as we delve into a few of the quotes about Jones and other subjects.

Newton’s honesty about his performance in 2020 and his commitment to playing better in 2021 are admirable. What’s more impressive is his candor on why he was released.

Cam Newton Says He Would Have Indirectly Been a Distraction as a Backup

According to Newton, Jones didn’t beat him out for the job. He does believe the COVID situation had something to do with the decision to release him, but he does believe it would have happened anyway.

Particularly interesting is Newton’s thought that the Patriots released him because they believed he would be a distraction. According to Newton, it wouldn’t be intentional, but his “aura” carries so much of an influence, it would be difficult for Jones to handle.

While that might sound strange, several people agreed with Newton’s assessment of the situation.

NFL Insiders Agree With Newton’s Assessment of the Whys Behind His Release

NFL Insider Ian Rapoport agreed with Newton’s assessment in a video released via Twitter. Rapoport said:

It’s 100 percent right, I was getting all these texts this morning from people wondering, ‘What does this mean for Cam’s career after these kind of comments? What team would sign him?’ He’s telling the truth. What do you want him to do? Everything Cam said is right. One of the reasons he got released — maybe the main reason he got released — by the Patriots is that when it’s time to hand the team over to a young quarterback, it is his. Essentially give him the team. You can’t do that if Cam Newton is looming, looking over his shoulder. “Because of the way Cam is, because players still look at him like the rock star MVP that he was, he does have an aura in the locker room. He is still a locker room leader. It would take away from Mac Jones being the starting quarterback. And that’s not an insult to Cam; it’s actually a compliment. And he’s right.

Christopher Glasper of WCVB TV says he had 2 NFL sources confirm Newton’s theory.

Newton will almost certainly get another opportunity to play quarterback in the NFL. Will it happen in 2021? Maybe not, but Newton has repeatedly shown the ability to bounce back after being knocked down.

He did it when he fell from grace as a part of the Florida Gators program. He rebuilt himself at Blinn College before taking the college football world by storm with Auburn. He did it in the NFL after he was released by the Carolina Panthers. Newton beat out Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer last year. He’s being buried at this point by most. Maybe Newton is done, but don’t be shocked if all the doubters’ takes are being added to a folder on someone’s PC for what would be an epic “how you like me now” montage if the free-agent QB rises from the ashes.

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