Cam Newton Gives Patriots’ New WR a Strange Nickname

Getty Cam Newton

The New England Patriots‘ quarterback Cam Newton is big on nicknames. He gives all of his teammates and coaching staff nicknames–even Bill Belichick whom he calls Dolla Dolla Bill. New Patriots receiver Isaiah Ford is no exception to Newton’s rule. He recently shared Ford’s nickname shortly after the Patriots acquired the 24-year-old from the Miami Dolphins. It’s a little odd, but definitely a Cam-ism.

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Ford AKA “30 for 30”

Newton gave Ford the nickname “30 for 30” because the former Dolphin said he averaged 30 points per game as a high school basketball player. Obviously, it’s an extremely literal play on words inspired by ESPN’s documentary features, but it just doesn’t roll off the tongue the way some of the others Newton has created.

On Sunday night when the Patriots host the Baltimore Ravens, Belichick and Co. wouldn’t care what his nickname is if he produces on the field. The Patriots are badly in need of a wide receiver who can make plays. They got a great contribution from Jakobi Meyers on Monday night, but even still, he needs more help.

How Will Ford Factor Into the Offense

Some see Ford as a receiver who is similar to Meyers. Neither man is blazing fast, but they have displayed a high I.Q., the ability to read defenses at the line of scrimmage, and the wherewithal to find empty spots in the zone.

That’s precisely what Meyers did to torch the New York Jets–especially on the play that set up Nick Folk’s game-winning field goal. If Ford can be a second option with similarly invaluable skills, the Patriots might have something going on this front.

Can Jakobi Meyers Maintain?

Before we pencil Meyers is as a legitimate No. 1 option, we probably need to see him build on what he did against the win-less Jets. Meyers came through with 12 receptions for 169 yards. It didn’t appear to come as a shock to Newton, or any of his teammates, so that leads us to believe he’s been producing in practice, and he’s finally getting an opportunity to shine on Sundays.

If he can string together another 100-yard receiving performance against the Ravens, the Patriots’ offense could be set for a resurgence.

N’Keal Harry is Coming Back

Another thing to consider as Ford tries to find himself in the Patriots’ offense is where N’Keal Harry factors in now that it appears he’s set to return from his concussion. Harry missed the last two games of the season, and to put it plainly, he’s been a disappointment so far during his 1.5 seasons in the NFL.

The Patriots selected Harry in the first round back in 2019 ahead of players like the Seattle Seahawks’ DK Metcalf and the Tennessee Titans’ Andre Brown. Unfortunately, he’s been the least productive of the top receivers taken.

With Meyers looking like the best young receiver on the game, it’ll be interesting to see if Harry comes out on fire. Stay tuned.

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