Cam Newton Makes Bold ‘QB1’ Statement on Instagram

Getty Cam Newton

UPDATE: The New England Patriots released Cam Newton prior to the NFL’s final roster cut deadline, as first reported by The Boston Globe’s Jim McBride on Tuesday, August 31.

Is the New England Patriots’ quarterback competition already decided?

Depending on how you take Cam Newton’s latest Instagram post, the 2015 NFL MVP might know something that the rest of the world doesn’t.

In an August 29 Instagram post, Newton shared a photo montage that included the phrase “QB#1” with an arrow pointing to the number on his jersey.

It wouldn’t be crazy to think Newton and the rest of the team have been notified officially by Bill Belichick about the starting quarterback.

Patriots Players Should Know Who the Starting QB Is by Now

Perhaps Newton is doing his best CM Punk impersonation by trolling the media these days, which would be pretty hilarious, but the Patriots players should know who their QB1 will be by now.

The NFL eliminated the final preseason game amidst the navigation of COVID-19 issues, and thus Sunday night’s tilt against the New York Giants should be treated like the fourth exhibition contest.

During that game, the starter will barely play — if at all — and the second-string QB and third-string guy will carry the majority of the load. Newton will probably play because he missed five days last week due to a misunderstanding with COVID-19 protocols, but had he been present through the past seven days, it wouldn’t be a shock if he sat.

It is hard to imagine Newton would post something like “QB1,” even in an indirect manner, unless he’d already heard something about Belichick’s decision.

Any way you look at it, something concrete should be coming as soon as tonight that will end the ramped-up speculation.

The Benefits of Starting Cam Newton in Week 1

If Newton is named the starting quarterback, there are some obvious benefits. If the Patriots chose to start Jones, there is no guarantee Newton wouldn’t be released. At this point, the only QBs on the Patriots roster are Newton, Jones, Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham, who is recovering from back surgery.

Moving forward without Newton, who may want to pursue opportunities elsewhere if he isn’t starting, would mean the Patriots would only have Jones and Hoyer available. There is no room for Jones to slip and for the Patriots to turn to a viable option to keep them competitive.

There is no way Belichick spends the loot he did this offseason unless he is serious about contending this year. If Jones gets hurt or struggles, Plan B isn’t one that screams we’re serious about winning.

The best-case scenario for the Patriots is for Newton to play well and for the Patriots to return to the playoffs. Newton’s contract ends at the end of the season, and if he performs well, he will be in a position to sign elsewhere for 2022. After a year of practicing and some spot opportunities, Jones should be ready to take the reins in 2022, and hopefully, the Patriots won’t miss a beat.

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