Massive Trade Package Suggested to Bring Deshaun Watson to the Patriots

Getty Deshaun Watson.

It appears the Houston Texans’ Deshaun Watson is serious about wanting to be traded from the only team the 25-year-old has ever played for in the NFL. After voicing displeasure with the hiring practices of his organization — ESPN reported that Watson felt his input wasn’t adequately considered in the general manager search — Watson has expressed a desire to be moved.

Former Texans great Andre Johnson has even backed Watson’s stance.

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Because the New England Patriots are obviously in the market for their next franchise quarterback, Bill Belichick and company have been discussed as a potential suitor for Watson. ESPN’s Seth Walder went as far as to construct a massive trade package designed to outbid other potential suitors for Watson’s services.

How much is too much for one player? If you buy into what Walder is selling, the concept of “too much” might not exist.

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Walder’s Suggested Trade Package

Brace yourself: Here is Walder’s rationale and the package he suggested the Patriots offer to the Texans for Watson:

I legitimately think roughly 25 teams should consider trading for Watson. But let’s go with the Patriots. They need a quarterback, are out of range of the top tier in the draft, and have the cap space to absorb Watson — though he isn’t expensive in 2021 — and spend to make improvements elsewhere. To land him? It’ll take a lot to beat out the other teams interested. I’m dealing running back Damien Harris, the RFA rights to J.C. Jackson, this year’s first-, second-, fourth- and fifth-round picks plus 2021 first- and third-rounders. And Jarrett Stidham, if they want him. But the upside? Pairing football’s greatest coach with a top-5 quarterback again.

Walder is saying the Patriots should give up their No. 1 running back, Damien Harris; cornerback J.C. Jackson, who was second in the NFL in interceptions in 2020; a first-, second-, fourth-, and fifth-round pick from the 2021 NFL Draft; plus a first and a third from the 2022 draft, along with backup quarterback Jarrett Stidham.

That could round out to a total of nine players headed to the Texans for Watson.

Is Watson Worth It?

Watson may be worth the high price, but the Patriots would still have a ton of work to do to get back to contending status. There is still a massive need for weapons in the passing game. As good as Watson is (4,823 passing yards, 33 TDs and just 7 interceptions), he still needs talented people to throw the ball to if the Patriots hope to be successful.

Unfortunately, the suggested trade package would deplete a mound of the assets the Patriots could use to shore up other areas of their roster. In addition to the need for wide receivers and tight ends, the Patriots could also use some help at linebacker and depth on the offensive line.

Even with those other issues still lingering, if the Patriots have a chance to acquire one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL — and he is still just 25 — they have to go for it. Franchise quarterbacks are the hardest roles to fill in any sport, so you don’t waste an opportunity to grab one as he enters his prime.

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