Frustrated Mac Jones: ‘I’ll Figure It Out’

Getty Mac Jones

“I’ll figure it out. I always have and I always will.”

Those were the words of New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones after training camp practice on Tuesday, August 9. By most accounts, it was a better day for the transitional Patriots offense powered by the second-year quarterback but supported by an ensemble cast of coaches in Matt Patricia, Joe Judge and Bill Belichick, none of which have ever been offensive play-callers in their career.

Jones was asked about how he’s navigating some of the issues he and the offense have come up against with pass protection and more. The aforementioned quote was how he began his answer. Here’s a look at the clip captured by’s Mike Reiss:

In another clip, this one captured by NBC Sports Patriots, Jones admits that the struggles have been “frustrating,” but he insists he is committed to succeeding and being accountable as a leader of the offense.

We saw that frustration potentially spill over in another way on Tuesday as starting center David Andrews was involved in multiple scraps with teammates, per Providence Journals’ Mark Daniels. The second and final one resulted in him and second-year defensive tackle Christian Barmore being kicked out of practice.

You can see the end of the fracas, which Jones tried to break up, in this video from Nacion Patriota:

Is the Patriots’ Offense Ready for a Turnaround?

Perhaps that will be a key turning point in the resurgence of the Patriots offense that has been the main topic of discussion through training camp. Bill Belichick’s decision to operate the offense without an offensive coordinator raised some eyebrows. There was even more concern when it was clear there was no definitive play-caller on a team with a second-year quarterback as the starter.

It’s still very early in the process, but moments like this one captured by’s Reiss haven’t helped to calm the panic that may be building in Foxborough.

Daniels has described the Patriots’ offense in training camp as “routinely disjointed.” Others have shared similar sentiments, but there appears to be at least some reason for optimism.

Mac Jones’ Confidence Is a Huge Factor

While Jones admitted some frustration, he was wise to leave a confident and positive spin on his words to the media. There is a ton to read into his statement.

“I’ll figure it out.”

That says I still believe and haven’t given up hope that the offense will work its way through the issues.

“I always have, and I always will.”

This says I have been through a few tough situations with football, and I came out better on the other side. Because of those struggles and eventual successes, I believe I’ll always be able to figure it out.

That is one heck of a message for a second-year player thrust into a leadership role to deliver to his team. It’s tough to ask any quarterback–even one with more experience–to have a better answer in the face of some adversity.

Jones’ confidence will buy his offensive coaches some time, at least with teammates. However, at some point, the unit as a whole will have to prove they can consistently move the ball and score points against NFL defenses. At this point, that’s still in question.

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