Patriots WR Compared to Davante Adams: ‘He Can’t Be Guarded’

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The New England Patriots wide receiver room doesn’t boast star-studded names but that doesn’t mean they aren’t talented.

So far this season, Jakobi Meyers has been leading the way in terms of the passing game. So far this season, Meyers has 20 catches for 261 yards and a touchdown per Pro Football Reference.

Entering Week 6, he’s seventh among all qualified pass-catchers in receptions per game (6.7) and sixth in receiving yards per game (87.0), trailing only Justin Jefferson, Cooper Kupp, Tyreek Hill, Stefon Diggs, and A.J. Brown in yards per game. The wide receiver is also Pro Football Focus’ fifth-highest-graded wide receiver (behind Kupp, Diggs, Hill, and Brown).

It’s clear that Meyers has made an impact on his teammates, when speaking to NESN, Adrian Phillips compared his teammate to one of the best wide receivers in the NFL.

“He can’t be guarded,” Phillips told “I would say that’s the main thing. His agility is just crazy. You can tell he learned from guys like (Julian Edelman), because Jules being in the slot, he was one of those guys that even if he was doubled, it was hard to guard him, as well. You add that with the agility and the fact that (Meyers) used to be a quarterback, (and) he has soft hands that are freaking like pillows, it just makes him a tough cover for a lot of guys.

“I would just say his agility is close to being unmatched. Like, Keenan has that, too. Davante Adams, they have that, too. But he’s a guy that’s flying under the radar. When you turn on that tape, he’s making people fall. It’s crazy.”

What Else Did Meyers Teammates Have to Say?

Phillips was far from the only Patriot to praise Meyers and his skill. Devin McCourty praised the quickness that Meyers possesses.

“I think obviously playing the quarterback position like he did before, he has a great understanding of DBs’ leverage. He knows how to use your leverage against you. It’s very similar to watching over the years when I used to watch Jules be in the slot and run certain routes (that) go against what we’re taught as defensive backs. They’ll do some things that kind of break those rules, and by the time you know it, he snaps out of a route.

“You know he’s not the fastest guy once he gets going long speed-wise, but he is quick, and I think he’s done a great job of just continuing to get better from when he got here in 2019. Each year, you’ve seen growth in his game.”

What Should Patriots Fans Expect in Week 6?

As New England prepares to face the Cleveland Browns, Meyers will likely once again be a major part of the offense. Even though he missed two games, he still leads the Patriots in targets.

Whether it’s Bailey Zappe or Mac Jones under center, the quarterback will be looking to throw the ball to Meyers. In Week 5, Meyers racked up seven receptions for 111 passing yards and a touchdown with Zappe throwing him the ball.

So hopefully around the league, fans and analysts will see just how talented Meyers is.

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