OJ Simpson Reacts to Patriots Releasing Cam Newton

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Everyone has a reaction the New England Patriots releasing Cam Newton, and yes that includes Hall-of-Fame running back and exiled legend O.J. Simpson.

The former Buffalo Bills star went live on Twitter on Wednesday to give his take on Newton’s situation. Simpson pointed to Newton’s stance against being vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus as the main reason he was cut.

Simpson also captioned the video: “Backup is not in Cam’s nature.”

Take a look at the video:

Let’s take a closer look at Simpson’s comments.

OJ Simpson Says He Saw Cam Newton’s Release Coming

Simpson opened the video saying:

I got to admit, when this COVID-19 thing came up this past week and I saw that he was going to miss five days of camp, I said, ‘Well, there goes the starting job. Mac Jones has been spectacular. I am still a little surprised they let him go because it’s not like they’re paying him an exorbitant amount of money for a quarterback, but I don’t think Cam is cut out to be the backup.

Newton has one of the biggest personalities in sports, not just the NFL. His presence commands attention and he is also one of the more charismatic leaders in the league. Having him in the same locker room as rookie quarterback and new starter Mac Jones probably wouldn’t have been a good idea.

The Patriots have made it clear Jones is their guy from this point on, and they clearly didn’t want another strong presence around him that would threaten his ability to grow. As for Newton, it would be difficult to imagine a player who has accomplished so much to graciously accept a backup role.

Remember, Newton is only 32 years old. Many are trying to bury his career, but that is probably about 4 years premature. Newton is still an NFL quarterback and even a starter for some teams, but he may need to prove himself again, and the question is whether he wants to go through the process.

OJ Simpson Discusses Potential Landing Spots for Cam Newton

Simpson continued as he outlined a few potential landing spots for Newton:

I think as long as he’s fighting for the job, he’s going to be positive and on the sideline, [but not] knowing he’s a backup and has no chance of getting into the game unless this kid gets hurt. Right now, Cam’s chance of being a starter maybe could be in Miami and possibly down in Houston.

The Dolphins would seemingly be an interesting landing spot. The team has some playmakers and the leash on Tua Tagovailoa could be short this season after an underwhelming rookie campaign.

OJ Simpson Urges Players, Especially Quarterbacks to Get the Vaccine

Simpson also urged Newton to get vaccinated and questioned why an NFL quarterback wouldn’t want to “get the shot.”

I just don’t get why any quarterback in NFL, as important as they are to their team, won’t go and get the shot. A lot of them won’t even admit if they haven’t. You’re the star of the team. Anyway, come on guys, especially quarterbacks! Go get the shot, tell the public you got it, and wear your masks.

A player’s position shouldn’t really make getting vaccinated more of a necessity. It comes down to the belief in the process and the science behind the initiative. No matter which side of the fence you sit with on this polarizing subject, it has become increasingly clear that life will be hard for NFL players who aren’t vaccinated, and many of them may be faced with making a decision about their careers.

While many are conditioned to dismiss everything Simpson says, for obvious reasons, is he completely off base with his take on this subject?

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