Cam Newton’s Likely Landing Spots After Shocking Patriots Release

Getty Cam Newton

The New England Patriots did what almost no one expected them to on Tuesday. They released veteran quarterback Cam Newton. It came as a shock as all signs seemed to point to the team starting Newton in 2021.

If you’re wondering how shocking this was, take a look at the live reaction to Newton’s release by Dan Patrick live on his show:


Newton took to social media to thank his supporters and to ensure everyone, he is not destitute after the Patriots’ decision to release him.

There are several theories floating about, but the bottom line is Newton’s tenure as a Patriot is over, and it appears he already has potential suitors considering signing him. The two teams that are being mentioned initially play in Texas.

Last Chance U’s Coach Jason Brown says he believes Newton is going to land with the Houston Texans on the Slapdick Podcast.

ESPN’s Jordan Schultz says the Dallas Cowboys will “begin exploring” the thought of bringing in Newton as as potential QB2 behind Dak Prescott.

Even Dan Patrick and his cast mentioned the Cowboys as a potential landing spot for Newton.

The Strongest Twitter Buzz Connects Newton to the Texans

Newton’s potential landing in Houston was trending on Tuesday evening. The King of Twitter memes Josiah Johnson seems to believe the Texans would be interested in signing Newton now that he is shockingly available.

The Texans have former Patriots front office member Nick Caserio as their general manager, and he has tabbed several ex-Patriots for Houston’s roster. Caserio was with the Patriots last summer when New England initially signed Newton. It wouldn’t be crazy to think the Texans might be willing to give Newton a look–especially amid the uncertainty at the QB position.

That’s an entirely different angle which could lead to an even more drama-filled conclusion to the where-will-Newton-land storyline.

Newton and Deshaun Watson Have a Close Relationship

The Texans have to be on the lookout for a replacement for Deshaun Watson. A veteran like Newton would seemingly be a good choice, but there is an issue.

Newton and Watson are great friends. In fact, Watson is one of several players in the NFL who played on Newton’s 7-on-7 teams as a youth. Watson has great respect for Newton and it appears the feelings are mutual.

Would the Texans really use Newton as insurance or a replacement for Watson, who asked to be traded before he was hit with a slew of sexual harassment claims? Furthermore, would Newton sign off on that sort of thing presumably without Watson’s blessing?

Also, we cannot forget, Newton’s unwillingness to be vaccinated might have also played a part in the Patriots’ decision to release the 2015 NFL MVP. Assuming he holds firm on that decision, any prospective would have to consider if that’s a situation they want to handle in 2021.

There is a lot to unpack in a suddenly complicated situation surrounding Newton. I’d expect to hear something sooner than later about Newton’s future, and that’s if he decides to continue to play in the NFL.

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