Rob Gronkowski Slams Patriots for ‘Absurd’ Reaction After Beating Buffalo

Rob Gronkowski

Getty Rob Gronkowski wasn't happy with how the New England Patriots reacted to beating the Buffalo Bills in Week 7.

Rob Gronkowski didn’t like the way the New England Patriots celebrated beating the Buffalo Bills in Week 7. Or maybe that should be over-celebrated. Gronkowski, who won three Super Bowls with the Pats as arguably the greatest tight end in NFL history, felt his former team overdid it in the wake of a 29-25 victory.

Speaking to ex-teammate Patrick Chung on an edition of “Up & Adams,” Gronkowski let loose, “But if you ask me, that celebration was pretty ridiculous, Chung. Whenever we celebrated just a little bit, we would get hounded. They just won one game and they celebrated like more than we would when we won a Super Bowl.”

The ‘Gronk’ went on to call what he saw “one of the most absurd celebrations.”

Harsh words, but Chung had a different perspective. He took the more philosophical view, pointing out how “Times are different, Gronk, you know that. I mean, younger kids, and at the same time bro, it’s a division win, very much needed, so that’s a big booster for the team, so whatever they got to do, celebrate all you want to, just win some more games.”

Chung did concede Gronkowski’s point about things being different when they played. Yet, the former defensive back’s perspective is more valid and realistic than Gronk’s disapproval.

Rob Gronkowski’s Reaction Out of Step With Reality

Gronkowski’s critique is out of step with the Patriots’ reality in 2023. This is no longer the all-business model of consistency that annually conquered the NFL.

Instead, today’s Patriots are a rebuilding team still trying to find a formula for winning from whistle to whistle and a personality to define their own journey. In short, the 2023 Pats need to celebrate smaller successes because that’s all they have.

There’s also the not-so-small matter of how the game against Buffalo ended. This was no routine rout inspired by clinical precision from the sideline onto the field.

Instead, this was a desperate, last-gasp and adrenaline-fuelled comeback capped by Mac Jones finding tight end Mike Gesicki for the winning score. Sealing victory with 12 seconds remaining is bound to elicit some strong and even over-the-top emotions. Especially when it’s a rare occurrence.

To put the Jones and Gesicki late show into context, the Patriots had only left things so late twice “in the last 30 years,” per ESPN’s Mike Reiss, citing the Elias Sports Bureau.

It was only natural for a clutch moment like this to prompt wild celebrations. There was also the broader context of the Patriots keeping their season just about kicking.

Patriots Had to Beat the Bills

Entering the game at 1-5 made their Week 7 matchup must-win for the Pats. Head coach Bill Belichick’s team responded the right way by consistently beating an ultra-talented, albeit erratic, Bills squad to the punch.

The narrow win doesn’t mean anyone should be ordaining these Patriots playoff contenders any time soon. Yet, if an unlikely postseason run is to happen, it won’t hurt to have a pair of wins over AFC East rivals already in the bag.

Beating the New York Jets 15-10 in Week 3 was an ugly, but forgettable victory. Overcoming the Bills has a different feel. It’s one Gronkowski just has to accept. His old team isn’t an unbreakable dynasty anymore.

As Chung put it, “Let the kids have fun. If it’s going to boost their morale or get them going, you know, in the right direction, then I’m all for it.”