Giants’ Brian Daboll Considering 2 Major Changes in 2024: Report

Giants' Brian Daboll could take over play-calling and adjust sideline demeanor.

Getty New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll appears ready to make some personal changes in year three.

New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll addressed the media on the morning of day two of the NFL League Meetings on March 26.

Within that brief Q&A, he revealed that he’s at least strongly considering two major deviations in his head coaching style in 2024. The first potential change would involve Daboll taking over as the offensive play-caller this season, releasing Mike Kafka of those responsibilities.

“Brian Daboll said this morning he has not yet decided if he will call plays this season or continue with Mike Kafka calling the plays on offense,” New York Post reporter Paul Schwartz informed. Adding: “Daboll has brought Kafka into medical and schedule meetings to better prepare him to be a head coach one day.”

SNY’s Connor Hughes also quoted Daboll on the subject of offensive play-calling. “That hasn’t been decided yet,” Hughes relayed, per the NYG HC.

Listening to him speak, though, it seems very obvious that he wants to be the one calling plays for the Giants in 2024,” the SNY insider voiced as a follow-up.

ESPN’s Jordan Raanan came to the same conclusion as Hughes.

Stating: “Brian Daboll actually said that calling plays this season is ‘something I’m looking into.’ He noted there were 20 head coaches that were calling plays either offensively or defensively. Bottom line: It sure seems like Daboll will be calling plays this season for the Giants.”

Earlier, Raanan also reported that Daboll acknowledged that he “certainly” misses being the play-caller. And that wasn’t the only change the Big Blue boss appears to be mulling.

Giants HC Brian Daboll Admits Sideline Demeanor Must ‘Evolve’ in 2024

Daboll is typically calm and reserved while speaking publicly in press conferences, but he can be a powder keg on the sidelines — one play away from an explosion. On Tuesday morning, the Giants HC seemed aware of this critique that has led to disagreements with coaches and players in the past (video shared via SNYGiants).

“I talk to John [Mara] every day. I talk to my staff every day,” Daboll responded when asked about Mara’s comments about him “toning down” the sideline outbursts a bit this year.

“Every year there’s a self-evaluation process that goes on — whether I was a position coach, coordinator or in this case, a head coach,” he continued. “I’m a very passionate person but yeah, there’s times where I wished I handled things a little bit differently, sure.”

He concluded that you have to “continue to grow” and “evolve” as an NFL coach. This could be another way Daboll attempts to do that in 2024.

Giants Players & Ownership Standing Behind Brian Daboll

Earlier this offseason, the Giants locker room backed Daboll in a huge way, grading him an “A-” as a head coach despite the rocky campaign for the organization.

Per the 2024 NFLPA Report Cards, 100% of willing Giants participants agreed that “Daboll is efficient with their time” — which ranked “1st overall” — and more generally speaking, “players feel that Brian Daboll is very willing to listen to the locker room.”

Mara also gave Daboll a vote of confidence yesterday on March 25, speaking for ownership.

“Certainly, last season was a huge disappointment to me, especially coming off of a playoff year,” Mara told reporters on Monday (via Schwartz). “I still believe we’re headed in the right direction and I have all the confidence in Joe [Schoen] and his staff and in Brian Daboll and his staff.”

As mentioned above, Mara did admit that “there are times when I wish he would tone it down a little bit [on the sidelines],” but went on to add that “I’m also in the team meetings, and I see how he acts around his coaches in the office. And he always maintains his cool there.”

“Does he get excitable during the games sometimes? Yeah,” Mara reiterated. “[But] so do I.”

He eventually concluded that “I still very firmly believe that Brian is the right guy for us going forward.” And that he “want[s] him to be himself at the end of the day.”