Ex-Giants Super Bowl Champion Gets Brutally Honest About Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones Victor Cruz

Getty New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has lost the support of a former NYG success story.

The New York Giants will have a decision to make on quarterback Daniel Jones in 2024 and beyond — and former NYG wide receiver Victor Cruz believes that it’s time to say goodbye.

During a November 9 spot on The Carton Show, the former Super Bowl champion wideout was very candid about what he thinks the Giants should do when it comes to Jones and the future of the organization.

“In my opinion, I think we’ve got to go get a new quarterback,” Cruz admitted. “I think we’ve got to go and do the entire rebuild, re-franchise. It’s something just isn’t sitting right with this team.”

Cruz did add that he would keep head coach Brian Daboll. “I think Daboll stays,” he said, noting that “I don’t think Daboll is the problem.”

“Those guys rally around [Daboll],” the retiree voiced. “I think they love him.”

As the panel chimed in, Cruz explained that “the makeup of the roster of this football team” needs some “major changes” on the offensive side. That starts with the quarterback, in ex-NFL athlete’s opinion, and a large contingent of Giants fans may agree.

Should Giants Keep Daniel Jones as Veteran QB in 2024?

After the torn ACL, some believe Jones’ future in New York is already decided. According to these theories, the former first-round selection will not make it to year three of his four-year extension.

At that point, general manager Joe Schoen can release Jones with relative ease, saving $30.5 million in cap space in 2025 and another $47.5 million in 2026. It’s much more dicey for Big Blue next offseason.

If the Giants were to part ways with Jones in 2024, his entire $47.105 million cap hit would turn into dead money. They could save some cap space by trading the QB1, but what NFL franchise would take on a contract like this?

The best course of action might be to draft a new quarterback and let him sit behind Jones to start the 2024 season — assuming he’s recovered from knee surgery by then. Hopefully, Jones can at least impart wisdom onto the rookie and teach him what it’s like to play in New York.

After all, Eli Manning did the same for him, and it would also give Jones one last chance to boost his value on the free agent — or trade market — in 2025.

Giants QB Tommy DeVito Ready for First Career NFL Start in Week 10

If Cruz was critical of Jones, you have to wonder what he thinks about the Giants’ current situation at quarterback.

Undrafted rookie Tommy DeVito will get his first NFL start in Week 10. And against the daunting Dallas Cowboys defense, this is a true “David vs. Goliath” matchup.

“I’m not really thinking too much about it, honestly,” DeVito told reporters on November 8 when asked about any added emotion surrounding this accomplishment.

“If anything, it’s the outside [noise],” he added. “The family, the friends, everybody that’s been reaching out. I think that’s been kind of like, the shock of it.”

DeVito concluded that “for me, it’s just football, right?”

“It’s another day,” he went on. “It’s a game that I’ve been playing since I was real young — but it will be my first NFL [start] so I know there’s going to be some emotion there especially with a great supposed atmosphere in Dallas.”

The rookie did acknowledge that the injuries at quarterback are a “shock to everybody,” including himself. So, while DeVito never expected to be in this position, his “next man up” mentality is certainly hoping to take advantage of it.