Giants’ Xavier McKinney Unveils Massive Bye Week Tattoos [LOOK]

Giants' Xavier McKinney tattoo

Getty New York Giants safety Xavier McKinney just unveiled a wild tattoo.

Last season, New York Giants safety Xavier McKinney suffered a non-football injury during the bye week. His 2023 attempt at the NYG off week was much more tempered, although it made headlines just the same as the youngster took a trip to Los Angeles to have major work done on a gigantic tattoo.

McKinney finally unveiled the piece of body art in an Instagram post on December 5. Swipe right on the post to see each of the three additions.

“Tattoos over war wounds,” the safety voiced in the post. “Special thanks to my brother @gangatattoo and all the artist who helped bring this piece to life 🤞🏾🫡🔥.”

Giants’ Xavier McKinney’s 3 New Tattoos Include Comic Book Characters Thanos, The Joker & Groot

After sending the video of the tattoo process, McKinney also posted a still photo of each of the new imprints that filled out the majority of his torso.

The first — located on his stomach — featured Marvel villain Thanos looking out over what appears to be the Manhattan skyline. Swipe right to image two on the Instagram embed in order to view it.

Next, there was a headshot of infamous DC villain, The Joker, on McKinney’s right oblique. The tattoo included the words, “MOST WANTED,” with two stars. You can see this tattoo in image three.

Finally, the third photo within the Instagram post showed the loveable Groot, from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. This tattoo was located on McKinney’s left oblique and also featured the words, “BEWARE OF DOG,” underneath it. It can be seen in image four of McKinney’s post.

Giants Fans React to Xavier McKinney’s 2023 Bye Week

Needless to say, word spread of McKinney’s latest bye week excursion pretty quickly.

“Xavier McKinney decided to get tattoos over the bye week this year,” one user wrote on X, sharing the photos. “A good alternative to…well…ya know.”

Although the defensive playmaker managed to stay healthy this time around, commenting fans didn’t appear all too pleased with the decision.

“This guy needs to just do less,” one replied. Another said: “Would’ve waited till the offseason tattoos take some time to heal and there’s no way he got all that ink done in one session..”

A third fan joked that during “next year’s bye week, McKinney walks on 1000 legos.”

And a fourth reacted somewhat cruelly, “watch it get infected lol.”

Few responses, if any, were pleased by McKinney’s decision on X. Although the overall reaction on Instagram was much more positive.

McKinney’s post has over 15,400 likes and counting on December 7, and one popular comment even noted that this is “better than riding ATV’s” — which is how he got himself injured in 2022.

Giants Have Key Decision to Make on Xavier McKinney in 2024 Free Agency

Outside of running back Saquon Barkley, few impending free agents are as important as McKinney in 2024 — if any.

The former second-round selection has definitely shown signs that he can be an integral part of the defense for years to come, but he’s also displayed some immaturity off the field. Whether you want to talk about the ATV incident or the public disagreements with defensive coordinator Wink Martindale.

Having said that, McKinney has also been voted a team captain two straight seasons.

This could be a situation where the Giants allow the young talent to test the market — which comes with risk — or perhaps they get an extension done after the season. Either way, McKinney’s future could be determined by the next few weeks of games.

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