Aaron Rodgers Provides Update on Jets Injury at Practice

Aaron Rodgers, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers warming up during practice.

The New York Jets appeared to dodge a bullet during OTAs.

Veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers walked off the practice field on Tuesday, May 23, and got some extra attention from a strength coach. There was a fear on social media that he got injured.

A-Rod quelled the noise after practice when he spoke to the media.

“I just tweaked my calf in the little pre-practice conditioning. I decided to take a vet day. I don’t think it’s too serious.”

Jets Playing It Safe With Aaron Rodgers at Practice

NFL Insider Josina Anderson of CBS Sports shared the news on social media that Rodgers suffered a “strained calf” and it was “considered minor as of now.”

Anderson said the expectation is that he should return “fairly quick.”

Dianna Russini of ESPN also confirmed that Rodgers’ injury is being called “minor” and the team was simply being “cautious and smart” about the situation.

Russini spoke to a Jets source that confirmed, “he’ll be back quickly.”

While Rodgers didn’t participate in practice in terms of football activities, he did contribute in other ways.

Rich Cimini of ESPN noticed Rodgers doing some “coaching” during a particular drill and it appeared he was “explaining technique to the young quarterbacks.”

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers Is an Ironman

There are two bits of information to take from the injury scare at practice.

We’re still in late May and the 2023 season doesn’t start for another three-plus months. Secondly, the injury is relatively minor and shouldn’t be much of a factor if at all.

Rodgers is 39 years of age and he will turn 40 during the 2023 season. Despite his increasing age, Rodgers has proven to be an ironman at the NFL level.

Over the last six years, the former California product has only missed one game. In other words, Rodgers has appeared in 81 out of 82 possible games during that span of time.

Both the Green Bay Packers and the Jets are relying on that impressive run to continue in 2023. If Rodgers plays in 65 percent of the offensive snaps, the Jets will send a 2024 first-round pick instead of a 2024 second-rounder.

At the end of his press conference on Tuesday, May 23, Rodgers revealed that his ability to play through injuries and stay on the field for his teammates is something he takes pride in.

“Yeah, that has always been something I tried to pride myself on. It’s a different feel I think the interaction with the training room over the years. When I first got into the league there was obviously nowhere near the concussion understanding or treatment protocol as we have now.

There would be times when guys would get dinged up and go back in. There’d be other injuries where you just play through it. There was this idea of callused that some coaches still talk about. I’ve always wanted to be on the field and I’ve always had a good relationship with the trainers, but not good enough on their side where they could tell me when not to play because my answer was I’m always going to try and be on the field.

I have always felt if my 80 percent was better than the guy behind me then I should be on the field. I always thought that was a kind of good barometer for every player. There seems to be in more recent years some guys looking to be told not to play. My stance has always been I’m going to tell the trainers when I’m going to play.”

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