New Jets Free Agent Calls out Old Team After Signing Big Contract

Robert Saleh, Jets

Getty New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh reacting on the sideline during an NFL game.

Well, that didn’t take long.

The New York Jets officially announced the signing of veteran wide receiver Allen Lazard on Friday, March 17. He met with the media shortly after the news was revealed and he didn’t hold back when asked about his old team.

“No, not too much [in response to a question about if the Green Bay Packers made an attempt to re-sign him]. They were in talks with my agent, but they didn’t seem like they were going to miss me too much or anything. I enjoyed my time there. Going into this last season, knowing that I wasn’t going to get an extension beforehand it didn’t seem like they wanted to retain me. I had a strong inclination that it was going to be my last season there [in 2022].”

Allen Lazard Talks About What Attracted Him to the Jets

Despite Lazard having a career year for the Packers in nearly every major receiving category, they let the 27-year-old walk out the door without much of a fight.

It ended up working out because Lazard had his eyes set on a change of scenery in 2023.

“A lot of things honestly [appealed to Lazard about the Jets]. I was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. I played in Green Bay these past few years. Personally, for me, I wanted to get to a big city. I wanted to get to a spot that has a melting pot of culture. I wanted to get that experience with the bright lights [of] New York City. That is something that really attracted me to come to New York.”

Lazard also pointed to the “coaching component” as another huge reason he decided to join the Jets this offseason.

Two of the coaches he pointed out were head coach Robert Saleh and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.

The former Iowa State product spent three seasons with Hackett during their time in Green Bay together and they spent 7.5 months together with the Jacksonville Jaguars at the beginning of Lazard’s professional career.

Lazard has never directly worked with coach Saleh, but he has competed against him both in the playoffs and the regular season.

Lazard shared a funny moment during the presser that he still feels like an undrafted free agent because the “checks haven’t hit yet.”

Eventually, they will be to the tune of $44 million over the next four seasons.

Allen Lazard Expects to Be Catching Passes From Aaron Rodgers on Jets

The big elephant in the room is the Jets quarterback situation.

Technically speaking Aaron Rodgers is still under contract for the Green Bay Packers. However, he did announce his intentions to play for the Jets in 2023 during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

Gang Green and the Packers are still working through what trade compensation will look like.

“Obviously there is an inclination that he is coming here but after the season I mentioned how I kind of have to worry about myself,” Lazard explained to the media. “I have to take care of what’s best for me. Me and my decision to come here was purely based on that [and] making sure I’m doing what’s best for my career. Obviously, his being here definitely helps.”

He later said that it “feels good knowing that 12 is going to be my quarterback again” referencing Rodgers.

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