Latest Jets-Denzel Mims Trade Proposal Highlights Concerning Trend

Denzel Mims

Getty New York Jets wide receiver Denzel Mims' value is the lowest it's been since before his emergence at Baylor.

Another day, another New York Jets trade proposal involving wide receiver Denzel Mims — only this one highlights the tipping point of a negative trend.

As we know, the former second-round wideout requested a trade during the 2022 preseason after receiving minimal snaps behind Elijah Moore, Garrett Wilson, Corey Davis, Braxton Berrios and Jeff Smith. You could argue that three of those receivers were drafted or signed to replace Mims and replace him they have.

General manager Joe Douglas chose not to trade the Baylor product despite all of that, judging the offers he’s received as unfair value for the unproven talent. And so, Mims was forced to remain with the organization and being that the Jets WR corps is healthy, he has sat there on the shelf collecting dust to start the year — inactive during each of the first three games.

Jets’ Trade Value for Denzel Mims Has Diminished Rapidly

Pro Football Focus contributor Brad Spielberger posted a follow-up on NFL landing spots via trade and he included a staple of the 2022 market, Mims and the Jets.

Everyone has a new answer on where Mims may end up but Spielberger went with an old betting favorite — the Carolina Panthers and former college coach Matt Rhule.

“Mims was a star for Rhule’s Baylor Bears from 2017-19 but hasn’t had much of an opportunity at the NFL level since the second half of his rookie season in 2020,” Spielberger reasoned, “and it’s certainly not coming any time soon, as the Jets have spent a ton of capital on pass catchers over the last few offseasons… From his Week 7 debut and on in 2020, Mims earned a 70.2 receiving grade, with his 15.8-yard average depth of target the 10th-highest among wide receivers and his 15.5 yards per reception a top-20 mark. Mims hauled in 95.8% of catchable passes thrown his way, also a top-20 mark, made more impressive when considering how far downfield he was typically targeted. He is a big-bodied, jump-ball wide receiver who can win vertically if given the targets. Obviously, New York has moved on to other options, but there’s no reason the team shouldn’t let another squad try to tap into Mims’ potential.”

Spielberger talks the failed Jet prospect up quite a bit here, highlighting some of his top attributes, but the concerning part of the article was the return.

In this proposed deal, Carolina would send Gang Green two sixth-round draft picks (one in 2023 and one in 2024). By all reports from those close to the organization, this would never fly with Douglas.

SNY’s Connor Hughes revealed that the Jets asking price was a fourth-round selection on August 31, according to his sources.

Earlier this year, trade proposals from companies like PFF among others awarded the Jets capital as high as a fourth-round pick — sometimes higher. Granted, these sites and writers generally overestimate NFL trade value most times but what does that say about how far Mims has fallen?

If PFF is giving two sixths as the return, the Panthers might offer a seventh for all we know. Mims’ trade value is diminishing rapidly, more and more by the week, and the longer he sits the worse it’s going to get.

Jets Put Themselves in Lose-Lose Situation With Mims

Obviously, the Jets cannot trade Mims for two sixths or potentially less. Douglas held out during the spring and he’ll have to continue that holdout now.

The problem is, Mims’ price tag can only go up if he plays and performs well. That would take multiple injuries to current Jets starters at wide receiver, and it would also take a resurgence from the second-round talent.

The odds of all this happening are unlikely, to say the least, and even if it does happen, does Douglas trade Mims after suffering the WR injuries that it would take to free up playing time?

So they can’t trade him, and they probably can’t keep him long-term either. Mims’ rookie contract expires after the 2023 season and a franchise tag would cost way too much money for a depth pass-catcher.

That means they have a season and three quarters to convince Mims to re-sign if they don’t trade him, and he’s currently stewing in frustration as a healthy scratch that just saw his trade request get denied. Honestly, there is probably less of a chance that he re-signs with the Jets in 2024 than someone offering a fourth-round pick for him — and that’s not happening either.

True to form, the Green & White have managed to put themselves in a total lose-lose situation on Mims and the latest trade speculation only supports that.

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