Jets Make Final Decision on Elijah Moore Trade

Robert Saleh, Jets

Getty New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh on the sideline of an NFL game.

On Thursday, October 20 Elijah Moore requested a trade from the New York Jets after being sent home from practice.

Now that absence will continue in Week 7 versus the Denver Broncos. Head coach Robert Saleh announced that Moore will not play this week during his media availability:

In addition to that Saleh was adamant that trading Moore “isn’t an option.”

Elijah Moore Won’t Play This Week, but Remains on Roster

Saleh’s words echos the reporting from the last 24 hours that the Jets have absolutely no intention of acquiescing to Moore’s trade demands.

The former Ole Miss product was the No. 34 overall pick in the second round of the 2021 NFL draft. After an encouraging rookie season, people expected Moore to make a massive leap into superstardom this season.

For a variety of reasons that hasn’t happened yet this season and that won’t change on Sunday with Moore already being ruled out.

The Jets are 4-2 on the season and have won three in a row. During those victories Gang Green has found success with running the football, playing elite defense, and having Zach Wilson playing game manager football.

Why would the Jets go away from that strategy if it is working? Gang Green has had one winning season in the last 11 years.

To be candid the Jets haven’t thrown the ball that much as it is during these winning times. It isn’t as if other receivers are eating while Moore is left starving on the bench.

For example, during the latest win versus the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, the top wide receiver on the Jets had two catches. That was veteran Corey Davis who made the most of his opportunities.

The Return of Denzel Mims to the Jets

With Moore not playing in this game, the Jets will now bring Denzel Mims back to life.

Saleh didn’t say whether or not he would start but he did confirm that Mims will get plenty of opportunities on Sunday.

This is the exact reason you don’t trade talented players for the sake of making trades. Obviously, the Jets didn’t get the compensation they were seeking and now it works out because the former second-round pick will have a chance to redeem himself.

What Mims does with this opportunity is up to him but this is a golden chance to rewrite his story after a rough patch to start his career.

If he can perform well, perhaps Mims will force the Jets’ hand and he’ll remain a cog in this offense moving forward.

Even if Mims plays well and can’t be a consistent piece for the Jets, an encouraging performance could entice one of the other 31 NFL teams to pull the trigger on a trade ahead of the deadline.

The Jets have handled their business here appropriately and we’ll have no other choice but to reevaluate this situation next week heading into New England Patriots week.

Moore is sitting, not as punishment according to Saleh, but rather considering the mental state he is currently in.

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