Jets WR Elijah Moore Responds After Position Change to Slot

Elijah Moore

Getty New York Jets wide receiver Elijah Moore on July 30, 2021.

While addressing the media on Wednesday, November 16, New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh revealed that veteran wide receiver Corey Davis “has a chance” to play in Week 11, although he didn’t seem overly optimistic about it.

If Davis misses another week, it’ll be on the young guns to step up once again at wide receiver. That includes Garrett Wilson, Denzel Mims and Elijah Moore — who is attempting to work his way back into good graces with the Jets coaching staff and fanbase after a recent trade request.

Ever since Saleh confirmed that the dynamic route runner would be getting more usage in the slot about a week ago, there has been a ton of talk around the NYJ community about Moore’s “position change.” The contingent of fans still rooting for the second-round talent hope that this shift will unlock his game, which thrived on the interior in college.

Moore broke silence on the switch to the slot earlier today on the 16th.

Jets WR Elijah Moore ‘Attacking’ New Opportunity in Slot

The Jets beat caught up with Moore at team facilities on Wednesday and ESPN’s Rich Cimini relayed his thoughts on the potential position change.

“I feel good about it,” Moore voiced with a much more position vibe. “I’m attacking it. It’s another opportunity, another way to show my talents. All I want to do is win.”

Cimini also asked Moore how he feels about being held without a catch over the past three games. “Looking forward, not backward,” the reporter paraphrased. He then added a quote from the wide receiver that was the only hint of tension with offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur. “I don’t call the plays,” Moore added.

We’ve written about it in the past, but it’s in everyone’s best interest for this situation to resolve itself. Moore is the most talented pass-catcher the Jets have on the roster outside of Wilson and although this is a run-first offense, LaFleur is going to have to throw the ball eventually.

NFL news site uSTADIUM echoed as much on Twitter, commenting: “Eli Moore changes his tone. Big opportunity coming Sunday. Bill [Belichick] saw Garrett Wilson go off a few weeks ago and will shut that down [in Week 11].”

If this team hopes to go far in the playoffs, they need Moore, and if the 22-year-old hopes to establish himself in this league, he needs LaFleur. Time to kiss and make up.

Robert Saleh on Elijah Moore’s Switch-Up

Saleh continued to praise Moore during his press conference today, as he’s done since the start of the drama.

“I think Elijah will be good wherever he goes,” the Jets HC stated earlier. “[The position change is because of] a few things — there’s the emergence of Garrett on the outside, also Elijah, trying to get him some run on the inside where he can utilize his shiftiness and his separation, his route-running ability. It’s a bunch of different things.”

Saleh added that Moore isn’t “exclusively” becoming a slot receiver now, he’s just going to get “more opportunities” on the inside from now on — something the Jets seemed weirdly stubborn about doing during his rookie season.

“[We’re] just trying to utilize him and put him in the best positions to be successful,” Saleh concluded, reiterating that Moore’s frustration has always stemmed from wanting to help the team win football games. “He just wants to help, so in our mind, a way that we can get him to help us a little bit more is by creating a little bit more versatility to his game.”

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