Surprise QB Move ‘in Play’ for Jets in 2024: ‘Would Be a Joke’

Aaron Rodgers, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers reacting on the field before an NFL game.

The New York Jets aren’t done adding quarterbacks to the roster this offseason.

Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated told Rich Eisen that taking a QB in the first round “could be in play” for the green and white during April’s draft.

A fan responded to the idea on social media saying, “CANNOT TAKE A QB AT 10!! Would be a joke!”

Insider Explains How Jets Could Sell It to Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers said he’s “hopeful” that he can play between two to four more years in the NFL when speaking to Eddie Bravo on “The Look Into It Podcast” this offseason.

If that’s true it’s unclear how the 40-year-old would react to the Jets potentially taking a quarterback in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft.

Although Breer explained to Eisen why it could be a much different reaction this time around versus what happened with Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers in 2020.

“I think Aaron’s problem wasn’t selecting Jordan Love, it was more the communication piece of it. Like Aaron didn’t hear about it until they were on the clock which I think really bugged him,” Breer explained on “The Rich Eisen Show.” “If you communicate to Aaron in this spot and say hey look we’re going to kick the tires on JJ McCarthy or we may trade up for Drake Maye or whatever it is. I actually think he’d be okay with it and that’s based on the way he treated Jordan Love. Like he has a really strong relationship with Jordan Love. So I think that [drafting a QB in round one] could be in play.”

The Jets have the oldest quarterback room in the NFL with Rodgers and veteran backup Tyrod Taylor, per Rich Cimini of ESPN. Zach Wilson isn’t expected to be on the roster in 2024 which means the team would lack a long-term answer at the position.

Jets Plan on Adding Another QB to the Room

“I do think the Jets will add a third quarterback. Well, obviously they’ll add a 3rd QB. I think that could come via the draft. Something in the 3rd or 4th round, probably not 3rd but maybe 4th or 5th round. Possibly even a low-cost veteran but I think they really would like to add a young rookie into the mix,” Cimini told Anita Marks on ESPN 98.7 in New York.

While Cimini doesn’t think the Jets will add a quarterback in the first three rounds, he does expect another body to enter the fray.

Rodgers is coming off of a lost season in which he participated in only four snaps. Taylor, the primary backup, has dealt with an array of injuries throughout his career. He is a massive improvement over what the Jets trotted out last year, but QB3 insurance is paramount.

The only reason drafting a QB in the first round is even a thought is because of the flexibility that has been created. GM Joe Douglas has done such a nice job filling the obvious holes on the roster this offseason that some wiggle room has been created.

Although it would be a hard pill for Jets fans to swallow if it came to fruition. That would mean in back-to-back years the Jets picked a player in the first round who isn’t expected to play much if at all.

In any year that seems like an odd strategy. That is particularly true in a season that has been categorized as all-in around a 40-year-old QB.