Jamison Crowder’s Unselfish Decision Opens Doors for Jets

Jamison Crowder

Getty New York Jets wide receiver Jamison Crowder warming up on November 3, 2019.

Six days ago on June 14, 2021, it was announced that New York Jets wide receiver Jamison Crowder had agreed to restructure his contract.

Today, the financial details were finally released per Rich Cimini of ESPN.

Yes, Joe Douglas held all the leverage and Crowder probably didn’t have many options, but the slot receiver still deserves some credit for being a total gentleman throughout the entire process.

Crowder took a 50% pay cut in order to earn $4.5 million of guaranteed money.

Imagine your boss told you they were going to reduce your salary by half after leading your field in production for the past two years. If you didn’t accept the agreement, you’d be fired and get nothing. Now imagine your response to that situation was that “it’s a business” and “that was just kind of what it was.”

Those were Crowder’s exact words when asked about the pay cut during a press conference on June 15, 2021.

At the very least, we have seen many players in the same exact situation stir up drama via social media or create problems within the locker room. Crowder’s not about any of that, he’s just happy to be back and “ready to rock and roll.”

Cap Relief Could Immediately Help Jets in 2021

As I mentioned in the past, $5 million can go a long way to aid the Jets general manager in several different endeavors.

Safety Marcus Maye is currently discussing a long-term extension. Most assume the new contract might actually cost less per year than Maye’s current franchise tag, but no one knows that as a fact. The extra cap could provide Douglas with some added security as he dots the I’s and crosses the T’s on this extension.

Another rumor that’s dominated Jets’ news cycles has been the free-agent negotiations with right tackle Morgan Moses. The GM could reinvest Crowder’s money into a Moses signing, both shoring up the offensive line and enhancing this unit’s potential in the process.

A couple of weeks ago it looked like rookie quarterback Zach Wilson might not have Crowder or Moses as teammates, now he could have both. That type of veteran impact could boost Wilson’s entire trajectory.

Other routes include a Zach Ertz or Nick Foles trade acquisition, a supplemental veteran cornerback to lead this unit, or additional help at linebacker and kicker.

The Jets have a bright outlook after a very positive spring, but any one of these moves would no doubt make them a better roster. Crowder and Douglas made that happen.

The best part is, they did so amicably, which means the slot receiver is still along for the ride.

‘Everybody Can Eat’

When asked about the Elijah Moore selection in the draft, Crowder said that he actually liked the pick, calling the rookie a “heck of a ball-player.”

“If we can get things right with the offense, everybody can eat,” Crowder added.

The receiver referenced his earlier days with Washington under the Jay Gruden-Sean McVay system that spread the ball around well, noting the talent in that unit.

As Crowder mentioned, Mike LaFleur’s scheme is actually “very similar” to McVay’s. The two are part of the same coaching tree that stems from Mike Shanahan and Gary Kubiak, and the slot explained that the main difference is the verbiage.

Crowder didn’t put much thought into whether or not he would be with the Jets after 2021, commenting that he’s always “trying to put stuff on tape” every time he takes the field.

A veteran of this league, Crowder knows that nothing is a guarantee. He told reporters that this is “just another year to get better.”

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