Mercurial Ex-Jets RB Calls out Boxing Sensation Jake Paul: ‘Fight Me’

Jake Paul boxing

Getty YouTube sensation Jake Paul celebrating after another impressive knockout in the boxing ring.

Over the weekend we saw one former New York Jets running back enter the boxing ring and before too long we could see another.

Longtime NFL veteran Frank Gore laced up the gloves and faced a former NBA star in Deron Williams. Unfortunately, Gore lost the match and his appearance in the ring will live forever on the internet after the debut of this brand new meme:

Later on, that night in the main event YouTube sensation Jake Paul continued his perfect professional boxing career taking out a decorated former UFC champion in Tyron Woodley.

That improved Paul’s record to an impressive 5-0 over several high-profile names from Nate Robinson to Ben Askren to Woodley (twice).

Now a new potential fight with a former Jets big-ticket-free agent could be on the horizon.

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Calling out a Viral Star

After the latest spectacular knockout, ex-Jets running back Le’Veon Bell not only wasn’t impressed, but he wants a piece of the action.

He initially tweeted out, “Jake Paul fight me, stop trying to fight people who can’t box.”

He followed that up with a string of tweets adding some context.

“I’m tired of watching him out-box people who don’t even want to box. If he wants a boxing match, a real one, he’d fight me, period. Stop fighting small dudes who can’t box.”

After the initial buzz of his tweet, Bell said that Paul probably won’t fight me because “I’m 29, I’m actually his size, have an athletic background, and been boxing just as long as he has.”

Paul is only 24 years of age and has been boxing since 2018. While Bell hasn’t been involved in any boxing matches, he has trained in the offseason over the years with boxing-inspired workouts.

After being called out by Bell, Paul decided to take to social media to respond:

“Hey Tyron Woodley, this clown is saying you can’t box. How about you show him as part of the next MVP event? Tyron would drop you faster than the Ravens!”

Bell infamously joined the Ravens in September and spent two months with the team before unceremoniously being released.

After being considered among the best running backs in the NFL and signing a massive $52.5 million contract, the veteran stud has flamed out.

In just 17 career games with Gang Green Bell totaled 264 carries for 863 yards and three touchdowns.

Another Potential Match Opens Up

On social media Paul has shown little to no interest in pursuing a potential fight with Bell, however, he did try to instigate a match between Woodley and the ex-Jets running back.

That sly comment sparked a social media feud between the two sports athletes:

Bell suggested that Woodley made more than just one mistake (dropping his left hand and eating a knockout blow from Paul) but just happened to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

That led Woodley to call out Bell for “clout chasing” as he tries to find five more seconds of fame with his NFL career fledgling.

To which Bell responded that any revenue that would be generated from a celebrity boxing match would be donated to charity, “every single dollar!”

Bell did a drop the mic moment at the end of his tweet suggesting he already got the bag, pointing no doubt to his $45 million in career earnings, per Spotrac.

While on the other side of the coin, Woodley has career earnings of just under $5 million, per the Sports Daily.

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