Proposed Jets, Seahawks Blockbuster Trade Delivers Multi-Pick Return

New York Jets, Seattle Seahawks

Getty Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams meeting up with some former New York Jets teammates after a tough NFL game.

The New York Jets and Seattle Seahawks have executed some trades with each other in the past.

Gang Green fans have been lobbying for a blockbuster DK Metcalf trade this offseason, but there hasn’t been much smoke on that lately. Although another trade proposal could pique both teams’ interest ahead of the 2022 NFL draft.

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What a Fantastic Trade Package

NFL draft enthusiast Chad Reuter recently released a mock for NFL dot com. In this scenario he predicted a massive trade up by the Seahawks launching into the top-five of the first round to strike a deal with Gang Green:

  • Seattle receives: No. 4 overall (first-rounder) and No. 111 overall (fourth-rounder)
  • Jets receive: No. 9 overall (first-rounder), a 2022 fifth-rounder, and a 2023 first-round draft choice

The Seahawks own two fifth-rounders in April’s draft (No. 145 overall via the Denver Broncos and No. 153 overall), it wasn’t indicated which one they’d give up in this deal.

According to the NFL draft value chart, the Jets (1,872 points) won this trade by a pretty significant margin over the Seahawks (2,378.6 points).

This would allow the Jets to stay inside the top-10, pick up an all-important future first-rounder, and slide back a little bit in the mid-rounds.

Trading Back Twice?

Not only did general manager Joe Douglas trade back once in the first round of this mock draft, but he traded back twice!

After trading back from No. 4 to No. 9 overall, he then traded back from No. 10 to No. 15 overall with the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Eagles receive: No. 10 overall
  • Jets receive: No. 15 overall, 2022 third-rounder, and a 2022 fifth-rounder

Philadelphia owns a pair of third-rounders in April’s draft (No. 83 overall and No. 101 overall via the New Orleans Saints) and three fifth-rounders (No. 154 overall via the Washington Commanders, No. 162 overall, and No. 166 overall via the Arizona Cardinals), it wasn’t indicated which ones they’d give up in this deal.

According to the NFL draft value chart, the Eagles (1,253.2 points) slightly won this trade by a slim margin over the Jets (1,300 points).

Even with a pair of trade backs in the first round, the green and white were still able to walk away with incredible value. They landed the top corner in this class and one of the top wideouts.

No. 9 overall (first round): Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner, cornerback, Cincinnati

No. 15 overall (first-round): Drake London, wide receiver, USC (traded back)

While this is a hypothetical mock draft scenario, it serves as a really good example for general manager Joe Douglas to follow.

The theme should be flexibility. It has been prevalent throughout the offseason so far for the green and white and it shouldn’t stop ahead of the 2022 NFL draft.

If there are more players available than you thought there would be, don’t be afraid to trade down a few spots, pick up a future asset, and then grab whoever you wanted anyway.

As NFL draft analyst Jon Ledyard told me on my YouTube channel, this upcoming 2022 Jets draft class has a chance to be “foundational.” With both the quality and quantity of picks, this is an opportunity to leapfrog from the bottom of the mountain to the top in one fell swoop.

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