Pro Bowl Free Agent Hints at Potential Signing With Jets

New York Jets, Chicago Bears

Getty New York Jets linebacker Kwon Alexander making a tackle in a game versus the Chicago Bears.

A big clue may have been dropped on social media by a New York Jets free agent.

Veteran linebacker Kwon Alexander released a new song and shared it on Instagram, “new b**** from New York City all she know is the Jet!”

Throughout the song, it featured multiple references to “Jets.” Alexander was also doing the popular celebration by Jets players where they spread their arms and take flight like a plane.

More Kwon Alexander-Jets Hints, Social Media Reacts

On Wednesday, May 17 Alexander teased his new track on his Instagram story. Cali Jets on Twitter reposted it to Twitter and said, “Idk if this has significance but come home Kwon!”

Alexander retweeted the post on his timeline which further fueled speculation.

A fan implored the Jets to sign Kwon, “sign him @nyjets [tagging the official Jets Twitter account] WTF are we doin???? @Kwon [tagging Alexander’s official account] needs to come home.”

“The only information I got from this is that he should stick to hitsticking slot receivers,” one social media user said.

Another fan called him a “great player but [a] terrible artist.”

An Interesting Jets-Le’Veon Bell Flashback

A Jets fan tweeted, “getting flashbacks to Le’Veon Bell’s album release when we were looking for clues in the lyrics.”

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Back when he was a free agent in 2019, Bell released a rap album in the month of March at midnight.

NFL fans scoured through his song trying to find clues in his lyrics of where he would play next. Ultimately he joined the Jets on a four-year $52.5 million contract.

If this song release by Alexander leads him back to the Jets, fans will hope that it has a better result than Bell’s tenure in New York.

He only lasted a season and a half and is considered among the biggest free-agent busts in team history.

Alexander just completed his first season with the Jets in 2022. He was fully healthy across a complete NFL season for the first time since 2016.

Despite joining the team so late in the process, on August 2 of 2022, Alexander quickly carved out a role. He joined the Jets in tremendous shape, ascended the depth chart, and became a key leader for the team.

The former Pro Bowler became a fan-favorite for his bubbly personality and his propensity for hit sticks.

Alexander reached unrestricted free agency back on March 15 and has remained on the open market since.

In 2022 he signed a one-year cheap flier contract for $1.12 million. Alexander bet on himself and it paid off in a major way from a statistical perspective.

However, for some reason, teams have appeared hesitant to give him the contract he desires. With only two fully healthy seasons in seven years, this past year of success may appear to be an outlier.

For Alexander to truly land the contract he wants, he might be forced to take another cheap flier. He is only 28 years of age but he will turn 29 before the start of the 2023 season.

If he plays his cards right he could cash in one more time on the open market before he turns 30 years of age in 2024.

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