Mac Jones Pumps up Jets Ahead of Crucial Patriots Rematch

Mac Jones, Patriots

Getty New England Patriots QB Mac Jones embracing New York Jets QB Zach Wilson at midfield.

The New York Jets couldn’t be in a much better position than where they currently sit after 10 weeks of play.

Gang Green is 6-3, in second place in the AFC East, and if the season ended at this very moment they’d be comfortably in the playoffs. Of course, we all know the postseason doesn’t start for several more weeks but with how tight the AFC conference is, every game is important.

Next is a championship opportunity as head coach Robert Saleh calls every game on the schedule against the New England Patriots in Week 11.

Mac Jones Says Some Interesting Things About the Jets

Most of the New England players and coaches haven’t said much about the Jets in their available press conferences.

However second-year quarterback Mac Jones went out of his way to pump up the green and white ahead of their rematch in Foxboro:

“We are on the Jets here and at the end of the day, it’s all about Sunday. We understand that this is the team that is playing the best in the NFL right now. It starts with us but we also have to respect our opponent and they’re a really good team.”

It was an interesting choice of words from Jones.

Only six teams in the entire NFL have more wins currently than the Jets do at this point in the season which is wild to think about. However, this feels like an attempt to butter up the opponent before Sunday.

There is simply no love lost between these two organizations. The term rivalry has been thrown around a lot but it hasn’t been such according to the stats.

New England has won 13 in a row against the Jets with their last win coming in 2015. That was over seven years ago.

If the Jets really want to be considered in that category that ranks them among the best in the league then this is the kind of game they have to win.

A Jets win will launch the team to the top of the conference and simultaneously put New England in real trouble at .500.

Jets Fans Aren’t Buying the Nice Words From Patriots QB Mac Jones

After the Jones clip hit social media, a lot of Jets fans had some strong reactions.

Kevin on Twitter said despite the nice compliments, that won’t stop “Quinnen Williams from making Mac eat dirt three times.”

In the first matchup between these two teams, the Jets took Jones to the ground six times.

Some fans on the other hand “read between the lines” suggesting that a person would only say what Jones said if they believed the opposite. A lot of conspiracy theories are out there on social media.

J. Amorello said the Jets need to make Jones “an honest man” after his comments. What kind of team would they be if they didn’t live up to that incredibly high standard?

Marc made an interesting comment saying the Patriots are “already planning” for the Minnesota Vikings matchup on Thanksgiving. That comment is actually true.

Head coach Bill Belichick said as much with New England playing three games in a span of 12 days. There are different portions of the Patriots building already moving on to future opponents to have the team ready.

Whether that is a necessary measure or an act of disrespect is up to each individual to judge.

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