Jets’ Aaron Rodgers Sent Parting Message to Packers QB Jordan Love

Aaron Rodgers, Jordan Love

Getty New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers stands next to Green Bay Packers QB Jordan Love in 2021.

Aaron Rodgers’ naysayers have often called him a bad teammate, but when you follow the words and actions of his actual teammates you are left with a different impression entirely.

Wide receivers like Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb followed Rodgers to the New York Jets, as well as offensive lineman Billy Turner and backup quarterback Tim Boyle. They wanted to play with Rodgers specifically, and not just because he’s talented.

Today on May 10, Green Bay Packers understudy Jordan Love spoke glowingly of his time with Rodgers too. During the media availability session, the new Packers QB1 told reporters that he’s “always just grateful to be around [Rodgers] and for the time I had with him, to be able to learn and be behind him.”

Love also revealed that he and Rodgers “talked” after the trade was finalized. “It was kind of just, wish you the best going forward — he wished me the best — and [that he’s] always there for me if I need anything, or have any questions or anything,” the young signal-caller explained.

Jets Hoping Aaron Rodgers Can Rub Off on Zach Wilson

Within the Rodgers portion of the Q&A, Love noted the most important things that he learned from the future Hall of Famer.

“I learned a lot [from Rodgers],” Love admitted to Green Bay media members. “I was just able to watch a great quarterback, how he works every day, how he handles business in the locker room, interacts with teammates, just how he attacks every day. Just being able to sit back as a quarterback and observe him, observe his footwork, how the ball comes out of his hands, how he practices every day and then takes that into the game… it’s just very valuable stuff that I was able to sit for three years and just pick his brain on and just watch him work.”

The Jets are hoping BYU first rounder Zach Wilson has a similar experience in 2023, and potentially, 2024.

“I don’t think there’s any one piece of advice that sticks out more than the others,” Love continued later during a follow-up question, “I honestly just think watching him, watching the confidence he has, watching how he operates every day, how quickly he makes calls and is able to process information, how well he knows the system — just all those little things — that you just get to see a guy who’s been doing it for a long time, that you just get to see how he does it, [that] elevates your game by building that into it.”

Love had three years with Rodgers, Wilson will likely get one or two max. While his QB 101 class appears to be the abbreviated version, it could still be enough to get the job done long-term. If not, the Jets will once again be hunting for a quarterback in another year or so.

Jets Should Consider New Practice Squad QB Behind Zach Wilson

Chris Streveler may be a fan favorite but he’s not a long-term option at quarterback, and that’s what Gang Green should be using their developmental practice squad role on in 2023.

Long Island native Jack Coan could be a nice candidate for the job, or maybe fellow rookie minicamp invite Lindsey Scott — an intriguing dual-threat talent — but rostering the 28-year-old Streveler makes very little sense now that Rodgers is secured.

This is definitely an area that general manager Joe Douglas should look to improve before Week 1. Perhaps, the developmental QB is found off waivers at the end of training camp, or maybe the Jets front office finds a new diamond in the rough that has yet to seize his opportunity (i.e. Mike White).

Either way, they should be looking just in case the Wilson plan doesn’t take. As NFL fans know, the more bullets in the QB chamber, the better.