Jets Rumors: ‘Legacy’ Uniforms Expected to Become Permanent

Aaron Rodgers, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers calling an audible at the line of scrimmage during an NFL game.

The New York Jets are expected to make changes to not only its roster but also its uniforms.

Several accounts on social media highlighted that the Gang Green official team website is holding a discount sale for its current jerseys.

“My uniform redesign spidey senses are tingling,” one user wrote on X previously Twitter.

“Potential new uniforms loading? Legacy jerseys are NOT on sale for the record,” another user noted.

One person on social media took it a step further saying, “the Jets have been telling us since last July that the Legacy Jersey is going to be the next uniform. This is happening Jets fans, uniform change [in] 2024.”

He included a screenshot from July of 2023 that included the phrasing, “REP WHAT’S NEXT” on the Jets official shop online—seemingly indicating or hinting at the possibility of these jerseys becoming a future permanent fixture.

Another social media user previewed what that new jersey could look like. In 2024 the Jets debuted the white legacy jerseys, but we didn’t see a different version. If these became the full-time uniforms there would be both a white and green version moving forward.

Explaining NFL Jersey Rule for Potential Jets Change

On top of all of the rumors floating around, ESPN radio host Jake Asman confirmed that the speculation is true.

“I’ve been told by several people that the Jets are going to make the legacy jerseys permanent this offseason now that the 5 year rule is up,” Asman explained on social media. “Plus, Chris Johnson [Vice Chairman of the Jets], told @bklyn929 at the HOF ceremony last summer that this was the plan too. It’s a done deal.”

The five-year rule that Asman referenced is from the NFL.

“A club may not change its regular home and away uniforms more than once every five NFL seasons, and may not change its third uniform design more than once every five NFL seasons, absent specific extenuating circumstances (e.g., Club ownership change or relocation) as determined by the Commissioner,” according to the NFL’s CBA.

In 2019 the Jets announced brand-new jerseys: Gotham Green, Stealth Black, and Spotlight White. Heading into the 2024 offseason, five years have now passed which allows the Jets the opportunity to change its jerseys if they see fit.

Potential Davante Adams Jets-Raiders Trade Takes Hit

One change Jets fans would like to see is on the field. However, it might not come to fruition.

Las Vegas officially removed the interim tag title and made Antonio Pierce the head coach.

Rich Cimini of ESPN said that’s bad news for Jets fans hoping Adams will be reunited with Aaron Rodgers in New York.

“Davante Adams lobbied publicly for Pierce, so you have to believe he wants to stay in Vegas. One wild card is they still have to hire a GM, but the sense here is that Adams-to-Jets loses traction,” Cimini explained.

This news doesn’t mean an Adams to Jets trade is 100% dead and not happening. However, this certainly makes a potential move that much more difficult to pull off.

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