All-Pro DL Quinnen Williams Takes Shot at Jets During Playoff Game

Quinnen Williams, Jets

Getty New York Jets defensive lineman Quinnen Williams celebrating with some teammates after a big play in an NFL game.

That felt unnecessary.

New York Jets defensive lineman Quinnen Williams seemingly took a shot at his own team during the NFL playoffs.

“Now [Nick] Bosa see what I been going threw, no offense.”

Williams didn’t leave the tweet up long before he deleted it. However, Jake Brown who works with the New York Post screen-grabbed it and re-posted it on Twitter.

Quinnen Williams Let His Feelings Be Known About the Jets Lack of Offense

There were some quarterback issues during the NFC Championship game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers.

Early in the game rookie sensation Brock Purdy got hurt and was knocked out. That forced the 49ers to play longtime backup Josh Johnson for a chunk of the contest.

San Francisco joined a litany of teams that were forced to play four different quarterbacks this season highlighted by the Jets.

With all of those issues, the 49ers struggled mightily on the offensive side of the ball:

  • Scored just seven points
  • Finished with 164 yards of total offense
  • Averaged 3.6 yards per play

All season long the 49ers have had a remarkable defense but they were complemented by a creative offense throughout the season.

San Francisco averaged over 365 yards on offense per game which was the fifth-best mark in the NFL. While on the other side of the ball, the 49ers only gave up 300.6 yards per game which was the best mark in the league.

Williams was pointing out on social media that he didn’t get the same benefits playing for the Jets this season.

In those same categories, the Jets ranked 25th in offensive yards per game (318.2) and on defense had the fourth-best unit in football (allowing only 311.1 yards per game).

There is certainly some truth to what Williams tweeted, but it certainly seems odd to take a potshot at your own team that you’re under a contract with while also trying to negotiate a long-term big-money extension this offseason.

Social Media Reacts to Wild Quinnen Williams Shot at Jets

Not everyone was angry. One Twitter user said “he ain’t lying” and candidly said it was a “great tweet.”

Some other people interpreted the Williams tweet in a very different way. NYJ Matt said it simply means that Williams is “team Aaron Rodgers trade.”

BroBible said that deleted tweet “possibly” threw some shade at Zach Wilson who was the quarterback for a large period of time on that not-so-great offense in 2022.

A fan pulled out a stopwatch and apparently Williams left the tweet up for all of 60 seconds before choosing to delete it. Unfortunately for Q, the internet lasts forever.

One Twitter user told Williams that he didn’t have to delete it saying “we are with you” seemingly agreeing with the shot at the Jets offense.

A Twitter user said that Quinnen “ran the bus over Zach Wilson himself.”

While there is certainly a chance that Wilson is still on the Jets roster in 2023, it appears extremely unlikely that he will be the starter heading into next year.

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