Jets Strongly Hint at QB Zach Wilson Trade Amid Rumors

The New York Jets might have had a slip of the tongue.

Head coach Robert Saleh spoke to the media virtually on Thursday, March 2, and was asked about the possibility of bringing in a younger quarterback this offseason.

“Whether we bring in a guy who’s in his early 30s and you know he’s going to be here for a while, the focus is to just help [Zach Wilson] get better, as best as he can,” Saleh said virtually at the NFL Combine. “If his best gets to be showcased here as a New York Jet, awesome. If not, it’s still awesome because all we want is what’s best for him and his development, no different than any other player on our roster.”

Rich Cimini of ESPN highlighted the fact that Saleh “for the first time” spoke about a Jets future that doesn’t include Wilson.

Zach Wilson Just Might Not Be in the Jets Future Cards

The question that Saleh was asked was regarding the possibility of adding a younger quarterback this offseason and where that would leave Wilson in the grand scheme of things.

The reporter that asked the question was indirectly pointing at Derek Carr (31) and Jimmy Garoppolo (31) who have both been connected to the Jets this offseason.

If the green and white added one of those guys to the roster, in theory considering their age, they’d be here for the foreseeable future.

Saleh even admitted that when he made an appearance on Joe Benigno’s Oh The Pain Podcast saying he believes free agent quarterback Derek Carr still has a “good six to seven years left in him.”

If the Jets are going to trade Wilson it doesn’t sound like it’ll happen anytime soon. Cimini called the former No. 2 overall pick a “depreciated asset” at this current stage of the offseason coming off of two uneven seasons.

However, he left the door open for that value to increase “at some point over the next year” and provided an example of a “promising preseason” which could lead to a future trade in the August timeframe.

Zach Wilson’s Redemption Story Will Likely Come Elsewhere

The Jets had been saying the right things to the media in regard to their commitment level to Wilson, but actions speak far louder than words.

Gang Green wants to add a veteran quarterback and there is a good chance it is someone on the younger side. Heck even if it were an Aaron Rodgers at 39 years of age, what are the chances Wilson will be able to learn/grow/develop (whatever that means) in a year to take the reigns in 2024?

Cimini also noted the level of unusualness here in the Jets’ plans to convert Wilson from franchise savior to backup quarterback all in the span of his rookie contract.

Only EJ Manuel of the Buffalo Bills and Robert Griffin III of the Washington Commanders were former first-round picks that were at one-time starters and then became backups with the same team.

It seems less about commitment to Wilson and more about refusing to admit a mistake that high in the draft at the game’s most important position.

Instead of trading Wilson for a late-day three pick today, the team plans to hold onto him until his stock can surge and the team can recoup some of the value they originally invested in him during the draft.

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