Jets & Packers Fans Debate Frustrating Update on Aaron Rodgers Trade

Aaron Rodgers

Getty Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers watches from the sidelines in 2022.

The latest Aaron Rodgers update from ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter appeared to be frustrating all around.

NFL reporter Dov Kleiman and Bro Bible relayed Schefter’s live television update onto the internet on the morning of April 12. Kleiman received a particularly large reaction on Twitter, informing: “The [Green Bay] Packers and [New York] Jets haven’t been communicating about an Aaron Rodgers trade for weeks, per @AdamSchefter.”

Kleiman later shared video of Schefter’ report in full, which stated: “Not a whole lot there and my understanding is there hasn’t been a whole lot of conversation, if any, over the last couple of weeks going back to the owners’ meetings. And so, both sides now appear to be dug in and we’ll see whether or not anything changes as we head up to the draft. If the two sides — amazingly enough — can’t figure out a deal by the time the draft comes, then the Jets go ahead and make their picks… And Aaron Rodgers then has a decision to make about whether or not to show up for the [Packers] mandatory minicamp in May.”

He concluded that “it seems like both sides are dug in and willing to be patient until something gets done, because nothing is any closer at this point in time.” The original tweet immediately blew up with over 500,000 views, 400-plus retweets and quotes, and 1.3K-plus likes in under four hours.

Fans Attack New Schefter Report on Aaron Rodgers Trade Between Jets & Packers

Most fans didn’t appreciate this update, and some even questioned whether or not Schefter’s new information was accurate. After all, Rodgers did reveal that he told the ESPN insider to “lose my number” the last time he attempted to reach him.

“He’s been wrong about everything every step of the way so i’m gonna assume Joe D and Gute have had cabin sleepovers every night for weeks,” one fan replied.

Another agreed: “Didn’t [Mark] Murphy say the other day they are still communicating? I think Schefter is way outside the loop on this one. Thanks for keeping us updated though Dov!!”

“Jets and Packers GM probably sitting at a bar reading these tweets laughing,” a third popular response read.

“[Shaking my head] these negotiations childish Rodgers being held hostage by a organization that said publicly they ready to move on,” a more frustrated comment voiced.

“Bro I swear on everything that is holy if the Jets do not land Aaron Rodgers, all hell is going to break loose on Jets Twitter from every other fan base in the NFL,” another seconded.

“#jets this is ridiculous,” a third complained. “He’s the best qb in the league, he will bring tens of millions of dollars to new York, re-energize your franchise but you don’t want to pay for him? a 1st round and two 2nd round picks for a 4 time MVP that will repair your franchise sounds fair.”

“All click bait. One Jets Drive is on lockdown,” a Jets supporter fired back. “Packers trying to get Woody Johnson nervous. @NoProfanityZone has been saying this since January. Schefter lost his touch. Trade will be done by Friday of the draft.”

“This is crazy….trades shouldnt be done this way,” another opinion voiced, and one more fan attempted to calm the noise: “Would like to keep all of our picks and then get Rodgers for next year’s picks. What’s the problem?”

Finally, a Buffalo Bills fan even got in on the fun, stating: “This is working out just nicely. This will be the funniest story to happen in a long time if the trade doesn’t go through. Might be #1.”

Latest on Aaron Rodgers From Packers President Mark Murphy & Pat McAfee

ESPN’s Rob Demovsky was among those who spoke with the Packers president, Murphy, and he detailed his responses during an April 11 article.

“I can’t really get into that,” Murphy said via Demovsky. “I know Brian and Joe have been talking.”

This quote alone would seemingly refute Schefter’s update, although the ESPN colleague did retweet Demovsky’s story. You’d assume he read it or is at least aware of it — which would mean either Murphy was incorrect, or Schefter is.

“I do anticipate quite a few questions [about Rodgers on the tour] and I anticipate saying that there is no update,” Murphy reiterated later. “It is interesting, 15 years ago, similar situation — which by the way was my very first Tailgate Tour.”

ESPN’s Mike Greenberg also joined “The Pat McAfee Show” with some inside info of his own on April 11.

“I can tell you what I’ve heard,” he relayed. “I’ve heard that Aaron has sent signals to the Jets that there is no reason for them to rush. That he’s not coming until May anyway so they’re not missing out on anything right now. So they should hold out as long as it takes and that ultimately they won’t wind up having to trade the No. 13 pick in the draft which is what I think this ultimately comes down to.”

He continued: “I think this is all about the Jets wanting to draft an offensive tackle at [No.] 13 and Aaron Rodgers wanting them to draft an offensive tackle at [No.] 13. I would want [that] too if I was Aaron Rodgers. [The Jets] will just hold out until the draft and they think the Packers will eventually say we’ll take slightly less than we want because we want pieces to put around or in front of Jordan Love this year, not wait until next year.”