Tony Romo Sounds off on Jets QB Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson making an audible at the line of scrimmage.

A longtime former NFL quarterback had some thoughts on a disappointing turn of events for a recent New York Jets draft choice.

During the Jets versus Buffalo Bills game, CBS’ No. 1 broadcast team was on the call. In the middle of the game, Tony Romo was asked by Jim Nantz what he made of the Zach Wilson situation and he didn’t hold back:

“No, I’m not giving up on him. I mean there are some things that are concerning for me. First off it’s his second year so you can never write off anybody, especially with this guy’s talent.

Obviously, you want more growth earlier on and some of the stuff like taking a little bit more ownership I know that was a big moment for this franchise. Yeah, the leadership aspect. They scored three points, he got asked a question and everyone is prideful so you just have to take it and he knows that. He will, it’s not like he doesn’t have the ability to do that.

The biggest thing for me that I saw was he just is slow right now getting through the progressions. So when I watch it I’m like he just hasn’t learned the system or football quite well enough because he hasn’t had as many chances.

But this football team is too good not to play the best football player right now. It doesn’t mean he won’t be at some point but Mike White is getting the ball off second-fastest in the league, guess what? Zach Wilson is last and that’s concerning.”

Zach Wilson Gets Promoted Ahead of Jets-Lions Game

On Sunday versus the Bills, Wilson was inactive for the third straight week after getting benched in favor of Mike White.

That streak will come to an end ahead of the team’s Week 15 matchup versus the Detroit Lions.

Head coach Robert Saleh announced the decision at his Wednesday, December 14 presser that Wilson would be the new QB2 moving forward.

“Yeah, we’re moving up Zach to the No. 2 spot and making Joe Flacco the third.”

The team is still preparing as if White will be ready to go for Sunday’s matchup despite his rib injury.

However, this is a significant development for Wilson who has been cryogenically frozen as the QB3 for the last three games. Now he will be one play away from being reinserted into the starting lineup.

Coaching Staff Maintains the Original Zach Wilson-Jets Goal

When Zach Wilson was initially benched, Saleh revealed to the media that the plan was to give their young quarterback a reset.

A chance to work on his footwork and fundamentals without the pressure of preparing for an opponent on a weekly basis. However, he maintained that the intent is to get Wilson back on the football field at some point this season.

During Wednesday’s media availability on December 14, Saleh reiterated those words:

“I’m still in that same mindset guys with regards to Zach. He is a very talented young man and we’re in the business of developing guys. I’ve said it before this is Mike White’s opportunity and he’s attacking the heck out of the opportunity and is doing a great job with it. At the same time, we still got to make sure we’re doing everything we can to develop Zach to a spot that we know he’s capable of getting to.”

With White’s status somewhat up in the air and the high likelihood of a reinjury to the rib area. It may only be a matter of time before the No. 2 overall pick finds his way back on the football field for Gang Green in 2022.

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