NFL Rumors: Eagles Looking to Trade ‘Critical’ Starter?

Miles Sanders, Dallas Goedert

Getty Eagles RB Miles Sanders and TE Dallas Goedert are expected to pace the offense in 2022.

Here is a new rumor making the internet rounds: should the Philadelphia Eagles consider trading star tight end Dallas Goedert? He has an unfortunate tendency for getting injured, plus Goedert’s cap hit and base salary are about to triple in 2024. It’s not far-fetched to think the team could look to unload him for assets before he turns 30 years old.

Then again, Goedert is a huge part of what the Eagles like to do offensively. They relish running 12 personnel, lining him up in two tight-end sets, and letting him go to work. The 28-year-old is not only a playmaker with the ball in his hands, but one of the best blockers in football. The chances of a trade are slim to none.

Chase Senior of Chat Sports broke down why the Eagles probably wouldn’t deal their $57 million starter as he answered a recent mail-bag question. Yes, his financials are through the roof in the coming years but general manager Howie Roseman always seems to find a way to get those numbers down. Restructuring contracts is his passion.

“Why you might want to think about trading Goedert is because the salary does increase a lot. I mean, the base salary goes up multiplied by 13 — from $1 to $14 million. And then the cap hit more than triples, right? From $6.5 million to $19.5 million in 2024,” Senior said. “That is a lot of money to pay a tight end and then those contractual numbers are the same in 2025.”

Senior continued: “What I imagine Howie Roseman is going to do is find a way to restructure this contract, take some of it and turn it into a signing bonus. He’s done this with so so many players to lower that cap hit and/or that base salary a little bit … Dallas Goedert is a critical element to what the Eagles do and how they do it. I think that he is safe here in Philadelphia.”

Zach Ertz Reunion Being Considered?

The Eagles sent Zach Ertz packing to the Arizona Cardinals midway through the 2021 season in a cost-cutting effort to let him chase another Super Bowl ring. Two years later, Ertz is no closer to a championship and is stuck on an inferior team. It’s safe to assume that he might want to return to the franchise that drafted him 35th overall in 2013.

Don’t bet on the Eagles making that phone call, though. Ertz’s contract is way too expensive and no team in its right mind would pay an aging veteran $8.5 million in guaranteed money to be a backup. Jimmy Kempski of Philly Voice did a nice job breaking down this random rumor:

Ertz has a base salary of $8,755,000 in 2023, $8.5 million of which is guaranteed. That is obviously way too expensive for a backup tight end. Even if Dallas Goedert tore an ACL or something, Ertz’s price tag would be too rich for my blood at this stage of his career as a starter.

I’m sure the rebuilding Cardinals would be happy to trade him for a bag of kicking tees just to get him off their books, but my guess if that he’s not going anywhere unless the Cardinals eat some of his salary.

Looking at Eagles Updated TE Depth Chart

The tight-end depth chart isn’t exactly an abundance of riches in Philly right now. Dallas Goedert is the unquestioned starter, with Jack Stoll coming back as the primary backup. That job is very much up for grabs. The Eagles inked Dan Arnold in free agency — a guy called an “underrated playmaker” with legit experience — and get a fully healed Tyree Jackson back from a torn ACL.

Other guys hunting for roster spots include second-year man Grant Calcaterra, undrafted rookie Brady Russell, and veteran Dalton Keene.

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