OJ Simpson Details Belief on How 49ers Land Deshaun Watson or Dak Prescott

Deshaun watson, dak prescott

Getty Left: Texans' QB Deshaun Watson Right: Cowboys' QB Dak Prescott

Texans quarterback star Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston and Dak Prescott wants a multi-year contract, but if the Cowboys don’t give him that, he might want a new home.

This would leave two franchise quarterbacks on the market and OJ Simpson doesn’t think the San Francisco 49ers should pass up the opportunity to grab one of them.

In one of his many Twitter videos, Simpson explained the importance of blockbuster trades and how the 49ers could land Watson or Prescott.

How you ask? Well first, the Niners make some room by trading Jimmy Garropolo to the Patriots.

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Bill Belichick Admits He Would Love A Reunion With Jimmy G.

Last week, CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora gave an update on the QB frenzy and reported that according to sources, Bill Belichick “would love to have a Jimmy G reunion.”

This isn’t out of the ordinary as the Patriots coaching staff is very familiar with Garoppolo after drafting him in the second round back in 2014 to, eventually, fill Tom Brady’s shoes. Brady continued to play at a high level, leaving Garoppolo to rot away on the bench. But in 2017, he was given another chance at life when the Patriots traded him to the 49ers.

Brady will always be the “one that got away” from the Patriots but there’s no turning back now. The 43-year-old veteran made it clear that he was the engine of that team by taking the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl (and winning it) his first year in Tampa.

The Patriots are now in a rebuilding phase after having a disappointing 2020 season with Cam Newton leading the team. To get back on track, the Patriots will need a promising QB and Jimmy G. could be the perfect fit for them.

NFL Insider Adam Schefter Isn’t Canceling Out Any Potential Blockbuster Trade for Prescott

Dak will want a massive contract, but the Cowboys might not be able to offer up enough money with a limited salary cap, leaving him on the search for a new home.

Schefter explained why he isn’t so sure the two sides will come to an agreement why you shouldn’t count the 49ers or any other team in need of a QB upgrade from taking a shot at acquiring Prescott.

“They’ll try to sign him to a long-term deal, but they’ve been trying to do that now for the better part of two years and nothing’s been done,” Shefter said during an appearance on  “The Murph and Mac Show.” So what if, what if you’re a team like the Niners, any other team out there that has a need for a quarterback, and you make a run at Dak Prescott.

“Again, is it a long shot? Yes, it is a long shot. Absolutely. Is he a free agent? Yes he is. Is there a recipe for something to try to make happen? Well, there’s a path there of some sort.”

Deshaun Watson Is ‘Intrigued’ by the 49ers

Watson to the 49ers is also not absolutely impossible because he has them on his list of intriguing teams.

The Texans’ star shared his shortlist of teams he’s interested in with ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

“Deshaun Watson has a list of teams that he’s intrigued by. He’s not pigeonholing anything but he’s got a list. I didn’t get all the teams but I was told the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers are two of them,” Fowler said during a recent episode of ESPN’s ‘Get Up’.

This is huge for a team, like the Niners, that could use a new quarterback as promising as Prescott or Watson. They have the weapons to help either one get to a much-deserving Super Bowl and win.

However, the Niners will need to make the room and cap space and that will all start with getting Jimmy G. to another team.

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