49ers Blocker Humorously Issues Warning to Brock Purdy Before Super Bowl

Brock Purdy

Getty Brock Purdy humorously has an eviction notice from his roommate after the Super Bowl.

Forget about a hotel fire alarm, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy will have more on his plate for living arrangements after the Super Bowl.

That’s because the Niners star has a wedding with his fiancé, Jenna Brandt, in March, and Niners offensive lineman Nick Zakelj, Purdy’s roommate couldn’t resist the opportunity to poke fun at his famous friend.

“An eviction notice is coming,’’ Zakelj told the New York Post in a  story that ran on Friday.

Much has been made about Purdy’s simple life as the rising NFL star despite his Mr. Irrelevant draft status as the final pick in the 2022 draft. Purdy splits rent with Zakelj, they like to grill out, and Purdy drives a regular sedan — a Toyota Sequoia. Zakelj described his roommate as  “clean, punctual, the best, all you can ask for.”

“Obviously we talk ball here and there when we’re at home,” Zakelj said. “It’s a really good spot, we get home, kind of decompress, get away from it all. If one of us has a question I think we’re both pretty knowledgeable of the offense. Him probably more than me.’’

“We were able to spend a lot of time together and just being two young guys in a new area, living together is something we thought would be the smart move and it kind of just stuck,’’ Zakelj added.

While Brandt doesn’t live with Purdy, but the couple spends plenty of time together with a wedding ahead. Purdy credits Brandt for shouldering the load on the wedding planning during the season, which will conclude with Sunday’s showdown against the Kansas City Chiefs in Las Vegas.

“Jenna’s done a great job with the wedding plans,” Purdy told reporters on Monday. “Obviously, we got engaged in the summer and the boom, the season hit, so for me it’s been obviously football and trying to win every week. She’s done such a tremendous job.”

“When I come home and we just talk about the little things of the wedding, and honestly it’s helped me with football to sort of get my mind off football and we have our time to talk about the wedding and what our future looks like, so it’s something that we’ve loved the whole process of,” Purdy added.

Purdy of course won’t mind the “eviction” from Zakelj come March 9.

Brock Purdy, Jenna Brandt Make Faith-Based Decisions

Both devout Christians, their decision to not live together before marriage is reflective of their values. On a natural level, waiting to move in before marriage cuts down the odds of divorce to 23% based on a 2023 University of Denver study.

Purdy and Brandt their faith in Brandt’s engagement posts from the summer, and Purdy talks openly about his faith in press conferences and interviews.

“I was reminded what Jesus told us thousands of years ago,” Purdy told reporters on Monday. “If you try to chase fame, status, money, you’ll lose your life. Keeping your eyes on Jesus and his promises … that’s a life worth living.”

Brock Purdy Says He Prays During Games

Purdy’s faith extends to the football field, and even prays during games.

“I do. You know, it’s not ‘Can we, God can we win here? Can we do something great here?’ It’s more just to ask to have that peace, that steadfastness in all the chaos,” Purdy said on Tuesday. “That’s really what it is. And sink it back into like, ‘Holy Spirit, you know, take over and lead me here in this moment and allow me to think clearly. Allow me to, you know, obviously go through my reads’ and like I said, just have an even-keeled state of mind that I get from the Holy Spirit.”